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  • Ghost Of The Lagoon Analysis

    A young boy Mako learns to be prepared and confident when he kills a shark (as he had been practicing for a long time) that had been terrorizing fishermen in his native Bora Bora for years. The shark, called Tupa, had killed Mako’s father years ago, and this and a grand reward lead Mako to kill the shark. His desire is also enforced when his dog is in danger of being killed by the the shark Tupa. In the short story “Ghost of the Lagoon”, the boy is eager, and later loyal to his dog Afa when he…

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  • Summer Flounder Experiment

    mummichogs. They also eat invertebrates such as squid, opossum shrimp, mollusks, blue cram and sand shrimp. Adults attack very often and are very hard to steer clear from. Generally, adult summer flounders chase schools of fish until they catch a couple. They typically chase the school of fish up to the surface of the water and even sometimes leaping through the surface in order to catch a few. For the majority of flatfish, they are not as active as the summer flounder and their behavior…

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  • Summary: The Misrepresentation Of Sharks

    The Misrepresentation of Sharks Do you enjoy the ocean? Whether you do or not, millions of people around the world love the ocean. Many of those people don’t just love the ocean, but also depend on it. Oceans cover approximately 70% of the Earth’s surface and are vital to life around the globe. Beneath the surface of the sea lies copious amounts of life in countless forms. The ocean provides food and jobs for people around the globe. The harvesting of sea animals has become a massive industry…

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  • Essay On Bass Fishing

    Secrets to Catching the Biggest Best Bass Bass fishing can be one of the most rewarding pastimes that any fisherman can take up. There are many kinds of bass fishing accessories, but you do not need all these fancy gizmos, bells and whistles to be a successful bass fisherman. You just need to learn a few tricks, a few secrets to catching the biggest, best bass. Anyone can enjoy the excitement and passion that arises from trying to entice bass onto your line, plus bass fishing is also quite an…

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  • Ponyo In Mel Y Behn Analysis

    the seashore in Ponyo and A Tale for the Time Being. At the beginning of Ponyo, a young boy named Sōsuke finds the titular character as a fish trapped in a glass jar near the seashore. He breaks her free, slightly cutting himself, and Ponyo licks his cut and begins her transmogrification from fish into chicken, into little human girl. Chen argues that, “The fish/chicken/little girl is far from a binary logic; she is a blending that is partial and contingent and enacted across time” (Chen 230). I…

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  • Eco Column Lab Report

    phosphorus cycle, etc. My hypothesis for this experiment was that the terrestrial habitat would support the aquatic habitat by transmitting nutrients and other abiotic necessities, I also thought that the fish would survive and that my terrestrial plant would be better for wear instead the fish died and the plant ended up looking very droopy. The purpose of this experiment was to better understand the relationship between terrestrial…

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  • Quagga Research Paper

    Large piles of Cladophora can be found washed up on the shores of beaches after it dies (NOAA, n.d.). Harmful bacteria are trapped within these piles which can harm humans and wildlife (NOAA, n.d.). A native shrimp-like organism that great lake fish have been dependent on is experiencing a dramatic reduction in populations in Lake Michigan, notably at corresponding with the invasive quagga mussel population’s expansion…

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  • 11 Starfish Research Paper

    The 11 armed sea star lives in South Australia , new Zealand and in the cape peninsula .it’s the largest seastar in southern australia they are found under rocks,algae in pools and in low water levels. It eats oysters,mussels,snails,shrimp and other starfish. It’s scientific name is the Coscinasterias calamaria . it could be brown, blue , green , grey, mauve,white,cream or orange. It you cut off one of its arms it will grow into a new starfish. It’s arms could grow to be up to 30 cm. 11 armed…

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  • Great White Shark Research Paper

    Sharks which are a deadly species while within the seas and oceans of God's creation. Made in many different varieties and in different shapes and sizes, the sharks are all mostly given grey skin and of course,are all water creatures. In fact, Sharks are vicious creatures that can get teeth up to 12 feet long and will eat any smaller animals within their territory. They are all rapid swimmers and are in clever species such as Hammerhead Sharks, Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and Lemon…

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  • Lionfish Invasive: Non-Native Species

    miles The fish commonly known as the Lionfish has two species, Pterois volians and Pterois miles, going by many other common names such as Turkeyfish, Zebrafish, and Firefish, they are both also apart of the Scorpaeniade family (Robin, 2007). They are considered to be a beautiful reef fish that many aquarists admire and are recognized by…

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