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  • Sperm Whale Research Paper

    The colossal sperm whale is the largest of the toothed whales along with a most odd looking lump. That's simply because its head is a third as heavy and big as its tapering body. The huge front end contains the largest of all animal brains along with a huge sac of oil called spermaceti. Its blow-hole is situated on the tip of its head about the left-hand side. This gives the whale a distinctive 45-degree angled blow. The adult sperm whale's bottom jaw is narrow and lined on each side with 20-25…

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  • Gold Fish Ectotherm Experiment

    The goldfish in this experiment used the first strategy, which is to slow down their metabolism. By slowing down their metabolism the need for oxygen and food is decreased, which allows for them to breathe at slower rates. In the graph it is shown by fish one and three that as the temperature…

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  • Comparing Peter's Between The Savior And The Sea

    The book starts off with Simon trying to catch fish in the middle of the sea. Unable to catch anything, he returns home empty handed. Even though he already tried, Jesus tells him to go out into the middle of the sea and start fishing. Confused, he does out fishing once more to find enough fish to fill up two boats. Looking at the fish with disbelief, he realizes that the fish was all he ever wanted, but he wasn't happy; it was just a pile of fish. Believing that Simon had more potential than…

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  • Bighead Carp Ecology

    Biology and Ecology: The introduction of non-native species may pose significant dangers to the local ecosystems and the Asian carp is one of them. Asian carp is the common term for the species of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella), Bighead Carp (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis), black carp (Mylopharyngodon piceus) and silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) (Michigan Department of Natural Resources 2012). In the United States, the Bighead Carp have greatly affected the river ecosystems that it…

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  • Essay On Frilled Shark

    The frilled shark is a mysterious creature which lives in some of the deepest waters of our oceans. Not many people know about them, well, because they don't come into human contact very often. Here are more facts about these marine animals that most people don't know. Number Eight: It Wasn't Seen Alive Until Recently For a good number of years now, the frilled shark has only been seen by humans as their dead bodies have washed onto the shore. In 2004, however, this all changed. It was seen…

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  • Round Goby Research Paper

    However when it is, a small toad-like pest called a round goby can devastate you greatly. The many different capabilities and adaptations this fish possess makes it a major threat to the bodies of water it has entered. The round goby or Neogobius melanostomus was introduced to the Great lakes from ballast waters of ships (Protect your waters para. 1). These fish are becoming a major problem due to their ability to reproduce at a quick rate (Protect your waters para. 6). The fins of a round goby…

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  • Salinity In Shrimp

    My science fair project is: what is the effect of salinity levels on ghost shrimp? My hypothesis to that question is that all of the shrimp in the first cup, that had no salt, would all survive, the majority of the shrimp of the second cup, that had three pieces of salt, would die and about half of the shrimp in the third cup, that only had one piece of salt, would survive. My science fair project lasted for six days, and during those six days, the salinity levels and the shrimp proved my theory…

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  • Personal Narrative-A Day In Port Mansfield

    gets the food packed up for the day while I assist in putting every other necessity for the day in the GMC Yukon. By the time we make it out to the boat the sun is just peaking over the water, signaling that it is our time to depart to a day with the fish. It all happens like clockwork. There are many aspects of my time in Port Mansfield that I love dearly. One that tops many is the initial trip out to the water. In this moment, it is solely me, the boat, and the water below me. Every time that…

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  • Informative Essay On Fishing

    because being able to fish with someone as skilled as he is would be a dream come true not only because he knows how to fish as well as anyone else, if not better, and he knows where to catch huge bass all over the world. Bill has traveled more places around the world than you could ever imagine going. He has caught so many big fish I would not be surprised if he held the record for almost every mouth of water he has fished in his past years. I would give anything to fish with an honest and…

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  • Expository Essay On Common Animal Myths

    There are many myths about fish perhaps the most popular of them is that goldfish have very short memories of only 3 seconds. This is untrue, goldfish have a very good memory of up to 3 months or more. They are also somewhat intelligent, capable of recognizing different shapes, color, sounds, even faces. They also have personalities and traits that make them different from other goldfish, and they are also socially aware. They can even identify their shoal-mates or other fish of similar traits.…

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