Autobiography Of A Shark Essay

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Sharks are vicious creatures that have very distinct, intelligent ways of finding food, and have been on earth for 400 million years. These interesting animals get their prey in three stages, and the first is sensing and finding their prey. When a shark gets hungry, it will use every single one of its senses to find food. Lateral lines running down the sides of their body allow them to sense vibrations and pulses in the water. Not only that, but sharks also have small pores in their snout called campulae which sense impulses emitted by other creatures. Some things that would tempt a shark’s senses would be low-frequency sounds, as of a struggling fish. Another would be a splashing sound, like of a flailing animal. Always remember to take off shiny and reflective jewelry, because a shark may mistake it for fish scales.

Once a shark has found its victim, it stalks it before going in for the kill. These sharks have a distinct mode of operation. Great Whites, like serial killers, hang back and watch from a not-too-close-not-too-far location. Sharks also learn from prior attempts, so the more they raid, the smarter they are. A new study say that they don’t attack
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Sharks are usually alone when grabbing a bite to eat, it is very rare when they are together. Some species, like the sevengill shark eat the fur seal, which is mainly too large for a single shark to overpower. Being ambush hunters, Great Whites always attack by surprise from below. It might even break the surface of the water as it grabs the victim. Hammerhead sharks have the smallest mouth of all shark species, so they are primarily bottom feeders. They will use their wide heads to pin prey down on the ocean floor. Although the jaw mobility varies between species, all sharks have detachable jaws. So, in conclusion, all sharks have many fascinating and progressive strategies for hunting, and are much smarter than people give them credit

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