Persuasive Essay: Why Sharks Aren T Scary

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Elisabeth Karnes
Persuasive Essay
13 March 2018
Why Sharks Aren’t Scary Yasmine Hamdi Once said “Sharks aren't the monsters we make them out to be”
Although they can be dangerous, sharks are not as scary as you think. People think that sharks are scary because of their sharp teeth, their big scary bodies, and the fact that they can attack you, but there are very reasonable explanations for each of these things, so you need not fear.
The first explanation to why sharks are not scary is by explaining their teeth. Sharks have no bones and that ’s one of the reasons that sharks have so many rows of teeth. They have no jawbone so when they try to chomp fish the many teeth help them. Their teeth also have no roots which is another
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They're beautiful―God, how beautiful they are! They're like an impossibly perfect piece of machinery. They're as graceful as any bird. They're as mysterious as any animal on earth.( See? Even the scary movies that try to convince you that sharks are the bad guys say beautiful things about them. The things that these movies say about sharks are not true at all. Many scientists agree that those events probably could never happen. These movies are horror films that are meant to inject fear into the hearts and mind of the watcher. These hour-long videos try and keep the spectator (you) as far away from water as possible. These movies have next to no scientific background. You are more likely to get killed by a bee sting than by a shark. These movies show people getting torn to shreds and getting arms and legs bitten off when in truth people who die from shark attacks die from the blood loss of that 1 bite. So that's more proof these shows are total …show more content…
That is unless you are prepared and know that if the shark feels threatened this endangered species might attack you. Yes, in case you didn’t know some shark species are very endangered. So we have to instead of hunting and killing them protect them. They have been on this earth 200 million years before the dinosaurs.The sharks that have caused the most deaths are (in order)Great white shark, Oceanic whitetip shark, Tiger shark and Bull shark. There is a dispute about who has killed more when it comes to first place this is because the Oceanic whitetip shark could have killed more unrecorded castaways but the great whites have the most announced deaths. The places with the most Great white sharks are Gansbaai, South Africa (otherwise known as shark alley) and New Smyrna Beach, Florida (widely known as the shark attack capital of the world). I’m not saying you shouldn’t go there I’m just telling you to be warier around those areas! Now you can see that we a have so much to learn about them. If there is one thing that we should believe it’s that sharks are not the monsters that everyone thinks they are. The appearance of the shark with its many row or teeth and the memory of all the movies where the main character gets torn to shred and dies and painful screaming death come to mind whenever we hear the word shark and although they do attack some people they are

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