Summary: The Misrepresentation Of Sharks

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The Misrepresentation of Sharks Do you enjoy the ocean? Whether you do or not, millions of people around the world love the ocean. Many of those people don’t just love the ocean, but also depend on it. Oceans cover approximately 70% of the Earth’s surface and are vital to life around the globe. Beneath the surface of the sea lies copious amounts of life in countless forms. The ocean provides food and jobs for people around the globe. The harvesting of sea animals has become a massive industry in recent times. The beauty of the ocean has also caused the industry of tourism to flourish. People often travel to coastal areas to enjoy the natural splendor of the ocean. Because the ocean is so beautiful, and teems with life, many jobs and industries …show more content…
Someone who knows a thing or two about shark behavior can almost guarantee his safety in the water with them. Sharks display many warning signs before an attack but often people do not pick up on them in time. Much like a dog, a shark will arch its back and open its mouth when trying to warn someone that they are too close. Also, aggressive swimming and sharp turns are warning signs of an uneasy shark. When people are educated about this, avoiding attacks is easy. Sharks aren’t just swimming around looking for people to bite. Sharks do not want to attack, they are actually sending out warning signals to people constantly, but when humans don’t respond the shark feels threatened and bites. Many people wonder how they can avoid a shark bite if they cannot communicate with sharks. It is actually quite easy to avoid a shark bite. Sharks pay attention to any signals humans send out. So, to avoid a negative confrontation with a shark, it is best to keep calm and avoid any spastic movements. Sharks will remain docile around a calm person because he is not sending out aggressive signals to the shark. A calm heart rate shows a shark that a human is not in attack mode. Relaxed body language also lets a shark know that there is no aggressive intent. Avoiding bleeding in the water will also keep sharks away. It is easier for people to simply learn how to interact with sharks than it is to kill sharks off near crowded beaches. There is no need to destroy the ecosystem when a simple education or warning about shark behavior can do the

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