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  • Examples Of Social Issues In Looking For Alibrandi

    Throughout the novel Looking for Alibrandi written by Melina Marchetta reflects on several issues that Josie Alibrandi faces during her final year at school. The issues she encounters are social, family problems and falling in love for the first time. Josephine confronts social issues by facing racism and cultural differences. She develops family relationships by meeting her dad and further expands her relationship with her Nonna Katia. Josephine falls involve for the first time and faces many…

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  • Names In Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake

    Throughout Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake, as the title may imply, names play a very prominent role in the story. The most important name is that of Gogol, who only learns the true reason for his name after he graduated from college. This decision of his father, Ashoke, to keep the true story hidden away changes the way Gogol acts. Due to his lack of knowledge on his namesake, Gogol gains a hatred for his name, and eventually makes a drastic decision to change his name, which shows off the…

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  • The Theme Of I Go To A Competitive High School In Suburbia By Ethan Brown

    In his article, “I Go to a Competitive High School in Suburbia,” Virginia student Ethan Brown outlines the sources of his stress of finding a balance between success and a social life. His life is full of other stressors like the expectations of teachers and parents to excel academically through college and have a successful career. Brown also shares his complaints about the conflicting expectations of him to be a hard working, college-prepared young adult, as well as a fun and social teenager.…

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  • Graduation Speech: Cooky Grocery Bag

    During the Christmas season, I was invited by the Texas Accolade Sports Academy to congratulate the senior players throughout the state on graduating high school, and for living up to their dreams of playing in a prestigious college. The auditorium was filled with students from different cities, all joyful and anxious to receive their medals of honor for their achievements. I was assigned to give a motivating speech on aspirations to the swarm of individuals seated around me, but I didn’t…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Redshirting

    Examining the privileged in Redshirting Education is important because it is the road that children follow in order to reach their full potential in life. Outliers, a story by Malcolm Gladwell, talks about how academic redshirting can help someone´s child. In this book he explains the pros and cons of redshirting and says that it can even affect whether your child goes to college or not. When he talks about redshirting, he uses a real world example about hockey players. All the players in the…

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  • Fear Of Becoming Rich

    that’s the reason why you are living your house at 8 am and coming back at 5 pm, and then once you get your paycheck, greed and desires start taking over and you start thinking of all the wonderful things that you can buy Its exactly what happens in university, you are taking bunch of boring subjects that you have absolutely no interest, because you are afraid to fail so you study countless hours to pass them, especially a day before the exam, and when the new semester starts, the same story…

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  • My Goals

    Different people have different ambitions. As a 16 years old student, I have many ambitions, goals, interests, and plans for my future. However, for now, my main concern is what I will be doing during and after the next five years of my life, and where I will be. During those years, I will be studying to become the very best at what I want to be doing for a long period of my life. To choose what I would like to be doing in my life, I will use as a base to take my decisions my interests. I have…

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  • Learning As Freedom Analysis

    Giroux views colleges as a space of democracy and intellectualism, where democracy and individualism ought to be encouraged. However, he believes that university, and the democracy it supports, are being threatened by right-wing extremism and excessive capitalism. Giroux states that many individuals hold the idea that “education is now about job training and competitive market advantage” (3). He believes…

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  • Through Hard Working Research Paper

    This I believe: Through Hard Working I achieved my Major goals Life has both its happy and sad moments and it is true that life is hard as well. One of the major reason that I came this far is my father who encouraged me to be an educated and successful man. My father was not an educated man but he was a business man and tTravelled to many countries. he knows the importance of educttion and therefore in a district where no one send their children to school my father not only send us (me,…

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  • Essay On Free Community College

    Free Community College “The pathway for a better future?” Community college has always been a great option for many people who would like to continue going to school after graduating high school or after a long break from not going to school only to pursue a secondary education. Even though college education has been around for a great amount of time there was to be a great amount of people that have never come to mind why college education is something very important to have some experience to…

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