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  • College Students Need To Toughen Up Essay

    the subject. Throughout the article Schelsinger references professors and unniversity officials suhc as a Univwersity of Maryland professor who has alwasy told her students that if they do what’s expected of them they will earn a c. James Hogge, a university of Vanderbilt officla said how many students are getting the level of effort confused with the quality of their work. Schlesinger says that hard work is important in grading but shouldn’t be the standard for grading, the reason for this is…

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  • Organized Out Of School Activities

    The word “extracurriculars” is often related to activities such as sports, clubs, etc. Although there is a wide variety of school activities to join, they result in achieving the same goals and developing the same skills down the road. The activities someone chooses to do in their free time reveals a lot about a person, that test scores cannot do. These different activities offer promising results in the shaping of children. Participation in extracurricular activities can positively affect a…

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  • Yes Money Can Make You Happy Analysis

    Modern society puts high value on material possessions, whatever they may be, money is almost always necessary in order to purchase them. In his essay "Yes, Money Can Make You Happy" author Cass R. Sunstein theorizes that if the average person is given three options... a new car, remodeling your house, or having a dream vacation, that in the long run taking a vacation and the lead up to taking it will give more satisfaction and long-term happiness than a car or any material item for that matter.…

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  • Dirty Little Secrets Of Getting Your Dream Job Essay

    Having read the book “The Dirty Little Secrets of Getting Your Dream Job” the author, Don Raskin, simply clarifies the importance of every phase of the job search process. This is an interesting book that is not just about having success in college; it also offers practical advice beyond college and into career planning and development. Overall, this book is highly informative and provides useful information for college graduates who are preparing to enter the professional business world. One…

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  • Academic Cheating And Student Plagiarism Analysis

    Susan Blum’s article, “Academic Integrity and Student Plagiarism: A Question of Education, Not Ethics” and “Studies Find More Students Cheating, with High Achievers No Exception” by Richard Perez-Pena both centralize their articles on the causes behind the cheating epidemic in higher education. This is a worthy topic for college students to discuss because college is the point in students’ education where they are the most desperate to maintain high grades in order to receive their degree in the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Visit To Poplar Hill Farm In Jefferson County

    Excited, nervous, and ready for this new adventure to make my first visit to Poplar Hill Farm, in Jefferson County, Mississippi. Who knew that this place in the backwoods of Jefferson County and I would have a love affair and that in a few years I would be asked to collaborate on a research project for the Poplar Hill School. Armed with hundreds of questions, anticipation and youthful curiosity, I was ready for this journey into the past. Open and receptive to all the stories, they were…

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  • Unit 6 Business Plan

    the new programme as the students will see that BTEC students organised the event. It's important for ecolint to make their students think already of their future. In taking the IB DP or IB CP, it will give them options one of which is to go to university and the other is the possibility to learn while doing. The background research before starting the project was that we listened about the feedback from last year’s event and how it can be better. This year, year 11 students are obliged to…

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  • Flawed Myth Of Higher Education

    Educated Education is a way of giving or receiving instruction, especially at a school or university. Many people go through education in their life, whether it be high school or college. Higher education, such as college, is how people learn new ideas and become interested in a specific area of study (Rose 25). Individuals are the ones who choose what they wish to do with their life. Education is a worldwide debatable topic which has sides that agree and disagree, but most individuals do not…

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  • Personal Narrative: Daring To Step Out The Comfort Zone

    degree. Dr. Stephanie Shih-yu Cheng has performed in various countries around the world such as United States, Italy, Taiwan, France and Japan. She won a lot of competitions and awards. Who would have thought that just being a student in a foreign university like AUK, will give the opportunity to meet and enjoy the presence of famous persons such as Mr. Hiarachchi and Dr.…

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  • College Athletes: Behind Closed Doors

    Behind Closed Doors For any young aspiring athlete, playing their sport at the college level is just one favorable stop on their way to achieving their ultimate dream. However, this long foreseen memorable journey through college is not so favorable to the athletes themselves. In reality, college athletes are marked with rigorous schedules, immense debt that is almost impossible to overcome, and they ultimately lack the opportunities to enjoy the social aspects of college life. College for…

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