Value Of Higher Education Essay

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College Should Be Valued, But Is Not Necessary For Success Higher Education is a topic that individuals definitely have split opinions for. Some people may argue that the cost is not worth the education benefits. Others may say that even though they were able to earn the degree, the debt that they are now left with is making it difficult to make ends meet. Another opinion received is that people can be just as successful through learning a trade through experience without getting a degree. These opinions are all correct simply based on the individual’s lifestyle and plans for the future. However, for most people, higher education is worth the time and money spent. Furthering one’s education and showing dedication to a specific area benefits an individuals’ work experience. Higher education should be a priority or eventual goal in everyone’s adult lives.
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There is the simple fact that the students are now the ones choosing to get their education, and paying for it themselves or through scholarships. Also, they are going to school for themselves, and to better their understanding in a subject that interests them and their future. Furthermore, common sense and ‘street smarts’ as Graff says, should be viewed as an asset. Most of the time, teachers ignore basic common knowledge and only value the students that succeed with their specific material. If students were valued for the information and subjects that they appreciate, then education would have a completely different impact on the student population (Graff). The only time that most students seem to gain a sudden interest in school is in high school, when the grades that are made impact their future. More individuals would be inclined to choose to continue into higher education if their schooling material made an impact on their lives from the beginning. Investing in higher education can give an individual

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