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  • College Education Limitations

    Limitation are everywhere, but the one place there should not be any limits are in education, and that’s why the government should allow everyone to have a college education. There are many countries in the world that are suffering because they only have access to the knowledge to get by from day to day. In the United States there are many resources for education, but Some people have poor families and can’t afford to go to college. So they cannot support their family. However, if they had money…

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  • The Importance Of Success In College

    important thing. In my eyes, success in college is most important. What does success in college mean to me? Success in college means to me the ability to be able carry myself through this world with skills and knowledge that I learned here at the University of Akron. I am putting thousands of dollars or more in my schooling to benefit my future, but I mostly aim to be capable of making it through adulthood without having to depend on my parents for financial help. Success cannot be taught to…

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  • Summary: The Occupational Divide

    Americans receiving master’s degrees and doctorates every year, 600,000 of them are on public relief. While I do concur with Mr. Krasnikov’s belief in the need to resolve this incongruity, I am not in accord with his proposed solution. By requiring universities and academic institutions to abide by a restrictive production system, the rights of the students, as well as the private institutions, would be infringed upon. Postsecondary schooling is predominantly voluntary; therefore,…

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  • College Students Journey To College

    College Motivation Since the day people children start kindergarten, they begin their journey to further their education. When a child is in elementary school, they look forward to middle school. When a child is in middle school, they start to think about going to high school to begin their long four-year journey to college. A persons strive to get into a college depends on the individual while in high school, whether a student wants to go to a big college or a small one. Students have…

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  • Student Learning Vs Online Learning

    is very stressful for many students especially for someone who is new to the university lifestyle. It becomes difficult to balance their course load and their social life. Students must adapt to the new environment and begin to really understand their study habits. Learning in a classroom is not always the most efficient way for an individual to comprehend the content of a course. Students in their first year of university, who take online courses are more likely to receive better grade then…

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  • Informative Essay: The Road Worth Traveling

    The Road Worth Traveling During their high school careers, individuals may begin to question whether or not a college education is important, let alone beneficial. For many high school students, acquiring a stable income and securing a job are appealing thoughts to most. While it may be true pursuing a college, education is probably one of the biggest expenses you will face, the importance of a higher education has become quite evident in terms of potential earnings in today’s society. However,…

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  • Edmundson Anti Intellectualism

    intelligence? Mark Edmundson, author of “Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here,” and William Chace, author of “A Question of Honor,” both give their reasoning to this decay of intelligence. Both Edmundson and Chace examine the ways in which colleges and universities play a key role in the problem of “anti-intellectualism” in America. Mark Edmundson informs his readers of his beliefs that college is only the beginning. He starts off his article by addressing this issue with his intended…

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  • First Generation Students

    positive and negative. One-third of students who are entering either a 2 or 4-year university are first-generation students (Cardoza). As first-generation high school graduates prepare to step into higher education, they struggle to transition to the college atmosphere since there are many external and internal forces working against them that they must face. But due to the variety of resources that universities offer first-generation students, they are beginning to succeed in college. In…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Parking Places

    Some might argue that this plan may be subject to faulty online errors. However, the online website is already well consolidated. Despite there might being errors, I would imagine that the university would much rather have easy online fixes, than having a multi million dollar parking garage built, thus having to deal with major fixes. In addition, some students may contest that they experience little to none parking difficulties on campus. Out…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay On College Vs High School

    In the time that I have been in college, I have noticed that more freedom is given to students now rather than being in high school. While being in college, the choices that become more selective are note taking, the environment, and the class selections as well. By the amount of educational freedom and the control on their education that is given to college students, I find being a college student much more enjoyable than being a high school student. College is a lot less restrictive than high…

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