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  • Campus Crisis By Kate Lunau

    that could signal a student in crisis, making it a campus-wide effort… Bounce Back, at Carleton University, which sets up undergrads who receive less than a 60 per cent average in their first semester with an upper-year mentor… Canadian Association of College and University Student Services … partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association, to study best practices in Canada and abroad… University of Alberta, is producing a report on campus mental health services and best practices…

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  • Student Athlete

    They bring them in to represent their respective team and, in a bigger perspective, the entire university. That being said, they expect a lot more and hold student athletes to a higher expectation that most think. Coaches want their athlete to be present in class every single day. Missing a class is unacceptable and if one is to miss a class the student…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Homecoming

    Homecoming 2014 Coming from high school to college can be a significant step in a student’s life. The new people and traditions create a new lifestyle for young adults on the edge of adulthood. Embracing maturity and learning to fend for oneself are only a few of the many challenges faced as an incoming college student. As a freshman arriving on campus, harder classes and a new environment to live in pose as a new feat to conquer. Everything seen and heard during the first year in college can…

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  • Diagnostic Essay: Rudimentary Skills

    class. Most students would consider their senior year of high school to be their final year of writing, and are reluctant to dispose of their literacy skills once they reach college. However, writing courses should be required in order to obtain an university degree, because they are an essential part of a student’s curriculum, as well as a way to prepare students to communicate with their…

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  • Indigence In David Mamet's Play 'Oleanna'

    the implications and complications of the capitalist system” (“Literary”), correspondingly embodying the Marxist essence of the play. So John’s criticisms of the university have taught his student into thinking that the school faculty are exploiting students by leaving them economically and mentally indigent. John’s telling of his bright future to his student has made her hate her economic condition and envious of…

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  • Healthy In College

    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in college is one of the hardest parts of a freshman’s adjustment to their new lifestyle. College is usually the most exciting time of a person’s life, and along with new friends and a new home, comes an immense change of pace. A person typically moves away from home, and beings a new life, alone. This can become extremely stressful on the mind, and on the body. Balancing a healthy lifestyle is extremely important on the road to mental and physical health while in…

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  • My English Competency

    Communication competence has become a point of focus in higher level education in the previous decades as educational policy makers and calls for having stressed a “back to basics” mentality. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is included as a major undergraduate study goal along with other primary key skills like writing, critical thinking, and problem-solving. There are some ways that I have improved my English competency spanning the period of the semester. I likely have heard…

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  • Ethical Issues In Education

    Therefore, the university or college professor accepts both the public trust and the responsibilities to practice the profession according to the highest possible degree of ethical conduct and standards. Consequently, professors must develop a keen awareness and sensitivity to a variety of dilemmas and circumstances they may encounter in their daily contact with students. After reading the Young v. Bella case, as a future professor, I had a lot of thoughts on how the University and its employees…

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  • Skool Aid History

    IT is no secret that the costs associated with preparing children for a new school term is burdensome on the pockets of parents. Having recognised this, telecommunications giant, FLOW has sought to assist struggling families through is Skool Aid scholarship programme. This year, as it has for the past six years, the telecommunications will be providing approximately $700,000 of is projected $80 million earmarked for the Skool Aid Programme which encapsulates varying medical delivery booths,…

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  • Romantic Relationships Research Paper

    Average of every adulthood begins from the base of a campus. Romantic relationships begin at every campuses doorstep. Romance in campus is no strange in the life of a student who is studying at the universities whether public or private institutions. It has become a trend for students in the campus environment not to run away from love in campus. But even then, romance in campus brings negative effects to students through it. During adolescence, teens become interested and involved in dating…

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