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  • Personal Narrative: My Brain Aneurysm

    everyone telling me to RELAX. Are you kidding me?! The good news is that I recovered quickly. I had emergency brain surgery Tuesday morning, woke up and had a burger by Thursday night, and left the hospital the next Monday. As a high school swimmer I trained five days a week and my body was in great physical shape. And my brain seemed to bounce back too; one of the the first things I did in the hospital was pick up a book to read. I was a walking miracle; my body…

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  • Importance Of Thanksgiving Ourselves Essay

    FORGIVING OURSELVES I know more people who have had trouble with this than I can name. This is one of the issues that people I have worked with in recovery have shared with me, “how do I forgive myself for what I have done”? That is a great question and not an easy one to answer. I have an old friend, an elderly gentleman. He always keeps it simple and says “if you want to feel good, do good” so one of the ways we can start to feel better about ourselves is to begin to perpetuate good things…

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  • The Importance Of Celebrate Recovery

    when on of the moms used to always thank me for watching her little son Elijah. She was so kind to me, she did not have to be kind. She was going through a lot, and she took her time to be kind and have conversations with me. I have not seen her for a long time, but I remember her appreciation. Another one of my favorite parts of my service is seeing the moms at church. A lot of them recognize me and thank me. Some of the kids recognize me and smile at me, which is thanks enough for…

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  • What Happened To Mary Maloney's Murder?

    the first month of their relationship, by this time Chloe is in tears. Sean says “ From the moment I first saw you I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, are the most beautiful woman inside and out. Chloe Rose Maloney, will you marry me?” Then Sean went down on his knee and pulled a ring out of this pocket. Chloe started crying and…

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  • Future Trauma Personal Statement

    in a general sense. During the second quarter I took an Art Studio class, which helped me to understand more about the art therapy aspect of trauma treatment. In the future, I plan to take Psychology classes to create more understanding behind the types of patients and individuals that I may encounter at my future clinic. In talking to my academic adviser, I have been told of the various pathways that can help me in reaching my goal of helping trauma patients. By majoring in fields like…

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  • Personal Statement: Social Work Professional Identity

    that it entails. As a current social work student and a professional working with clients in the social work and mental health field I must conduct myself accordingly. The reason why is because I have guidelines to adhere to and clients that depend on me to represent them for their social needs. I feel that I am growing professionally in the social work field. I have grown since I first entered the social work program. I held jobs where I worked with clients and I had…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Hundred Greek Names Project

    Greek Names Project is due tomorrow. Although the name makes it sound like there are only 100 essays to write, there are actually one-hundred eight, and I am on number eighty-five. Not only that but the rain outside is not helping. It is only making me want to quit and go to bed even more than I already do. I look around the room and take a deep breath. I do not have time to breathe. I am sort of in a time crunch. Yet I also know that if I do not take a moment to relax I will get nothing done.…

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  • Hunter M. Hunter: The Walking Dead And The Mist

    Research an individual from any of the positions below that you want to hire to work on your project. They must be alive today. Hunter M. Via – Film Editor Hunter is a former Full Sail Student who specializes in film editing in the motion picture production industry. Via has work credits in incredible show productions and films such as “The Walking Dead” and “The Mist.” Hunter specializes in horror productions to be able to bring the audience to a nerve wrecking point because they are…

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  • Pharmacist Goals

    Becoming a pharmacist is the perfect match for me because pharmacists are key players in a wide variety of health care settings, and play a critical role in the medication management for patients. Pharmacists are vital health care professionals that help people to achieve positive results from their…

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  • What I Learned About Myself

    the skills category, I learned finally how to study effectively. In high school, I never studied because I could just show up and do my homework and get a B or higher. I never could really bring myself to study anyways, it was always a challenge for me. In college, I finally had to put in real effort and take responsibility in my education. I learned how to effectively study by not waiting until the last possible day to study and…

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