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  • How To Write A Reflective Essay On Personal Educational And Professional Development Career Plan

    the influences of others. I will be examining the assessment of impact to be able to convey the goals that I want to achieve and state world issues that could potentially affect my passion in some way. Examining the assessment of knowledge encourages me to research and provide the knowledge and skills that I will need in order to make an impact with my passion. Finally, in the assessment of reflection, I will look to make reflections on the Whole Life Concepts Project and describe my commitment…

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  • Classroom Participation Reflection

    Understanding who you are is crucial in order to improve and become successful in the classroom. In this paper, I plan to analyze the many aspects of my participation and explain how it has affected my me throughout the first half of this semester. By analyzing my personality and explaining my participation during Political Science, I will reflect on some achievable solutions for my weaknesses that will help improve my personality and participation in the classroom. When you walk into the…

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  • Role Play Reflection: Motivational Interviewing

    two people, our role play consisted of a social worker and a student, who was exhibiting behavioral problems in school. By using the motivational interviewing technique, our goal as a social worker is to get the client to say things and to help them come to the decision of change. With the use of open-ended questions and not being an expert, a social worker is often able to accomplish this goal. During the interview, my goal was to have a better understanding as to why the student was acting…

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  • Persuasive Essay On My First Job

    gift ever. It was the gift of Work. At that time I knew that working was the key to adulthood and every ten year old dream was to be treated as a adult. Well..maybe it was just me but I knew that I always felt older than my age. So when my parent open up a little convenience store inside a bus company,and they gave me the opportunity to work there, I jump right onto the bandwagon and was eager to have my very first job. From age 10 to 13, I was very invested to my family business. My…

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  • Sample Cover Letter

    To Mr. bobby I am writing this letter to you to request to reconsider the decision, which you took the decision to terminate me for the position of being an Aide of the Extended work day at Key school. I would like to inform you about in Mr. bobby I don 't know in what Ms. Carla or Elizabeth told you. but I am really sure that Elizabeth said that I ignore it and not help her finding the child that is not truth. Elizabeth and I went outside to look for the child and he wasn’t there. I…

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  • Qualities: Three Adjectives To Describe One Person

    essay an adjective describes what a person is and isn’t as an individual. I know for sure that there aren’t just two to three adjectives to describe somebody but three adjectives that describe me perfectly is ambitious, attentive, and gregarious. There are also a few adjectives that I need to work on to help me in school and in the world, being independent and truly confident. I believe that I am very ambitious both in school and outside of school. By being ambitious I am able to achieve good…

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  • Reflection On English Skills

    Being in a job which required me to communicate with the other worker in English which is not my first language was a mixture of an interesting, difficult, and challenging experience. Writing emails, shift turnover reports, monthly reports, weekly reports, and answering phone calls were some examples of tasks that we had to do using English in our work. Using Arabic was extremely forbidden, especially in emails. We had to work hard to improve our skills in English because the management would…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Jeep Car

    The Jeep car is important to me because it was the first car that I grew fond of, at the age of six. That’s when everything changed and I finally knew what I wanted to become when I grow up, an automotive mechanic. Now currently I am in the automotive shop at PCTI and learning to be the best of the best. Basically, everyone that knows me, are aware that I’m in love with cars and no one can change my mind about it. I’m also very known for my tallness, which i used in my everyday life to help…

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  • Observation In School

    classroom and building. All around me, kids hurridly packed up their backpacks and scurried out the door. Everyone wanted to get out of this dull school as fast as they possibly could. I took my time. The white classrooms and halls of school existed as my only relief place; it was the only place I could relax. At home, real stress weighed down on me. “You’re really in a hurry.” I glanced up from my assignment book to see my Algebra teacher, Mrs. Read, smiling at me. “I don’t have anywhere…

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  • Beach Home-Personal Narrative

    half into a wonderful vacation in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. It was excellent and I didn’t want it to end. My parents told me to pack up all my items from our three-story beach house we shared with my twenty-four cousins. I didn’t want to leave. I only saw my family on the east coast once a year and I just didn’t want to leave them behind and have that time come to an end. And the part that made it the hardest was that I wasn’t going to be seeing them for two years. My family decided, next…

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