Personal Experience: Why I Volunteer At Emmanuel Christian Church

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I am currently volunteering at Emmanuel Christian Church (ECC) in Battle Cree, and I have completed 15 hours as of today. My main duties are to teach Burmese children how to speak and write Burmese (Chin) language effectively because some of our children are encountering difficulties to communicate with their parents who do not speak English. Therefore, ECC decided to offer summer class for those who want to learn Burmese language with free of charge. As a result, I have the opportunity to volunteer for ECC.
I started this volunteer on June 20 and will be finished on July 27, 2016. I have six students enrolled in my class with the age of between 10 to 12 years. Although they are pretty much the same level in terms of age, they have various
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Fourthly, as an achiever person, I do not want to be the same as who I was yesterday instead I want to be a stronger and better person in the next day. Whenever I have projects to do, I always try my best to finish them, and I work hard to achieve my goals very day. Lastly, as a relator person, I do not usually talk to strangers, and I prefer to get along with my close friends. I love to share about myself and eager to know more about them too. I can do several things to capitalize on those strengths during my service such as set up a schedule for my next class, and set a goal to help them improve their Burmese …show more content…
You need to remind yourself every day that you need to achieve new things each day so that it will encourage you to work harder and make you smarter. My last strength is relator, according to this theme, I “…do derive a great deal of pleasure and strength from being around [my] close friends”. Basically, it means that I prefer to get along with the person I already know and like sharing our thoughts. Although it is good to get along with close friends, I should also need to learn to get along with strangers and not being shy to talk with them in order to be a better

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