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  • Summary: Sweety Come Brush Me Sugar Cane Juice

    production, profit margins and other elements critical to the lifespan of the business. In this regard, it is notable that businesses are always strategizing on their next expansion strategies. Grace Kennedy’s (GK) focus is anchored on Sweety Come Brush Me Sugar Cane Juice, a newly developed product. It is thus inherent on the marketing team to implement the best growth strategy, Product development in order to expand the performance of the business. According to Trott (2008), “Product…

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  • Personal Narrative: Survivor By Journey

    past few weeks and as a matter of fact his attendance at school was quite poor so I was not sure what he needed. In a soft monotone voice and with long pauses between his sentences he says, "Hey man, I need someone to talk too. Would you be able to come over. I can't do this over the phone." Without any hesitation I…

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  • The Importance Of Basketball's Influence On My Life

    Doing something that I had always wanted to do and adding personal effort to it had brought out the best in me. Doing something well makes me feel good about myself, but importantly, it teaches me the process of how to improve on my skills and work efficiently. Evidently, team sports are done with other people. Therefore, basketball is a social activity. I made friends, developed relationship with teammates and understood the benefits of teamwork. Playing together as a team creates a special…

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  • Neal Collins Case: A Short Story

    both knew this was a once in a lifetime moment. We talked and ate slowly, determined to make the night last as long as possible. The boy who I had known exclusively through webcam and Facebook messenger was now suddenly sitting on the same bench as me. I felt like a thirteen-year-old girl again- I was distracted by his voice, the way he moved his hands as he spoke, the way he rambled when he was nervous. The whole experience felt incredibly surreal; I didn’t want the night to…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Mizuno Wave Inspire

    For the remainder of the day only five more trucks come. Today will be harder I tell myself and maybe longer, but after two weeks it will be worth it. I arrive and can already hear the loud truck engines as one is leaving the scales. Once I clock in, I go to the office where the dust is so thick I can feel it crawling up my nose causing me to sneeze. All of a sudden I see a whole line of trucks start driving down the street and line up so they…

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  • She's Come Undone Book Review

    “She’s Come Undone,” by Wally Lamb, a book review from New York Times Database source, provides a lengthy detailed description, for a rather formal audience, with a useful recommendation. However, from the same book, She’s Come Undone, a Goodreads’s user from a Web source, provide a short summary, with no details or specific informational context, for a rather informal audience and also providing a useful recommendation. These two book’s reviews are destine to different audiences, Hilma…

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  • Oasis Springs: A Narrative Fiction

    Observation – life has a way of getting away from me of late despite the time I dedicate to planning and preparing. Oasis Springs lies at the root of this recent development, I’m sure. After all, things always went according to plan before I moved here, my days quiet, orderly, peaceful – dull, boring and predictable. Now? Let’s take my failed attempt at a barbeque for example, my efforts to throw the party of the year resulting in the fiasco of a lifetime. I swear, I will never live long…

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  • Personal Narrative: Growing Up In A Car

    People say that there is nothing like the smell and the feel of a brand new car. Lucky for me at the age of nineteen I was fortunate enough to find that out for myself. After working to save seventeen hundred dollars my mom and I drove to the Honda dealer to go get the car of my dreams. There it was, either it seemed like they knew I was coming, or everywhere I looked the car was there. A black on black coupe EX Honda Civic, power locks, power windows, sunroof, alloy wheels, and the best part…

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  • Importance Of Success For Success

    in their way to success, they become desperate; they did not consider that as a stepping stone to get success. For me failure is a procedure to get success. You can learn something new from failure and make a reflection from it for your plan so you can do better next time. It also can make you to…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A Wing And A Prayer

    A Wing and a Prayer Small northern communities are tight knit. It’s not that everybody knows everybody else’s business, but everybody is conscious who has not come back from the trap line come dark, whose boats are out on the lake on a windy day, and what flying conditions are like as they listen for that unmistakable drone of a returning Otter or Beaver. Often people will gather and go out to wistfully search the horizon for comforting signs of their loved ones. Such was the case one heavily…

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