Personal Statement: Social Work Professional Identity

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In the world of social work professional identity is very important in conducting oneself accordingly. When dealing with clients in the social work world one must remain professional as possible. The reason being because social workers represent the profession and everything that it entails. As a current social work student and a professional working with clients in the social work and mental health field I must conduct myself accordingly. The reason why is because I have guidelines to adhere to and clients that depend on me to represent them for their social needs.
I feel that I am growing professionally in the social work field. I have grown since I first entered the social work program. I held jobs where I worked with clients and I had
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I will do this by getting a better understanding of how my clients operate and what they need. I will develop my communication skills in how I talk to my supervisor and clients. This will include my tone and language. I will work on making my appearance and behavior develop for the best. This includes my demeanor, attitude and how I carry myself professionally. I will accept criticism from my peers and superior on my job performance and work to make them better so I can be the best. As a professional I work on ways to work on myself and correct myself whenever I feel a mistake is about to happen. I have had in the past where I know I was about to make a mistake but I let it go through and never correct. In the field of social work there is no room for mistakes especially when you dealing with families and their livelihood. I feel professionally that I need continual professional development on preventing mistakes from happening. When working in the social work field there are roles and boundaries that I must go by. As a social worker I can work on developing ways to handle certain situations when it comes to role. I have had a parent ask me for money and I didn’t know how to handle the situation on my own without getting my supervisor involved. I was asking them step by step on how to handle the situation when I should have known how …show more content…
I can’t say for now how it’s helping me to master my skills. I will say that I hope that everything I am learning will be applied hands on in my field. I believe that field is a closer step to being in the social work field. I understand my field instructor is my supervisor so I am looking to develop professionally and acquire everything I need to succeed. In my field I would like to have feedback on how I am doing and what I need to work on professionally to become a better person and social worker. I would like it when I get into the field that my field placement would help me to better my communication skills in working with clients. I want to know what I should and should not say when doing assessments and talking with the clients. My field placement is where I work and I want to know how to be a social worker in the mental health field. I want to master taking phone calls, talking patients out of committing suicide and I want to master diagnosing people out of the DSM book. I am so eager to learn and want to master everything I can in my field. My goal is to go into my advance year field placement with a lot of knowledge and acquire more at my next field placement. When I enter into my field then I can add on to this journal and say what I am and am not

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