Personal Narrative: My Brain Aneurysm

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Many people have a memorable event that shapes their lives; unfortunately, I was in a coma for mine. In February 2012 -- mid-way through my freshman year -- I suffered a brain aneurysm. There were no big warning signs, no red flags...just a nagging headache two days before. I went to sleep one night, and woke up two days later in a hospital room, surrounded by a dozen strange people, with a breathing tube down my throat...and everyone telling me to RELAX. Are you kidding me?! The good news is that I recovered quickly. I had emergency brain surgery Tuesday morning, woke up and had a burger by Thursday night, and left the hospital the next Monday. As a high school swimmer I trained five days a week and my body was in great physical shape. And my brain seemed to bounce back too; one of the the first things I did in the hospital was pick up a book to read. I was a walking miracle; my body …show more content…
But I have come to see over time, that it has helped to shape me in a multitude of ways, some of which I am still discovering. It may sound strange, but for me it was helpful and incredible for it to happen the way it did. I experienced the medical side of the world that I had never seen before; the countless surgeons, doctors, nurses and technicians who took an injured kid and helped to rebuild him. It has helped me find a path in life, because I want to do what they did and help someone else. I know first-hand how important it is to do their jobs, to do it well and with compassion and a genuine desire to help someone else. I hope to go to college and learn all I can, to help many...but if I save one life, my life is worth it. I try and see the silver lining in every gray cloud, and my aneurysm was no exception. It has opened new doors and allowed me to have different goals in my life. I think it is interesting to learn as much as I can about the world -- the universe is a vast and prodigious

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