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  • Essay On Islam Apocalypse

    Arabia Apocalypse Introduction The apocalypse myth is a commonality in the human cultural collective – the idea of a catastrophe which marks the end of the world as we humans know it. Deviating from the common idea of apocalypse, the term may also be interpreted as the end of an old world and the birth of a new. Apocalypse designates a failure on the part of humanity and indicates that higher powers are intervening to end such failure. Realistically, apocalypse is a grand representation of the…

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  • Thessalonians 4: 13 Essay

    C. Lecture 3 –Thessalonians Word Count: 524 1. How should one respond to those who cite 1 Thessalonians 4:13 as a reason for Christians not to grieve when a fellow believer passes away? One major theme of these letters is eschatology regarding the return of Christ. Verse13 has been abused by some believers and used as a directive to not grieve when a loved one goes to “sleep” (a euphemism for death). Grieving is natural and dangerous to suppress. Instead, Paul is making a distinction between…

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  • God's Role In The Tribulational Rapture

    The Antichrist will persecute the saints. Disagreement exists whether these saints include believers in Christ that enter the tribulation period, or whether these saints are “new” believers that come to faith during the tribulation. It all depends on one’s interpretation on the timing of the rapture — God’s removal of believers from the earth by a super-natural snatching away. Various theological interpretations regarding the rapture’s particular timing in regards to The Tribulation is beyond…

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  • The Voyage Of Saint Brendan Analysis

    Found in many early medieval Irish manuscripts, an Immram is the traditional Old Irish tale of a sea voyage in which a saint travels across various islands in search of the Otherworld of eternal bliss. One of the most well known depictions of the sea voyage is The Voyage of Saint Brendan, which follows Saint Brendan and his brothers as they embark on their journey in search of the Promised Land of the Saints. Throughout their legendary seven-year journey, Brendan and his followers encounter an…

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  • Pre Tribulational Rapture Analysis

    The Thin-skinned Tyrant Hits Back—Really Hard The Antichrist is obsessed with persecuting the saints. There is some disagreement over whether or not these saints include believers in Christ that enter into the tribulation period or whether these saints are “new” believers in Christ that come to faith during the tribulation. It all depends on one’s interpretation on the timing of what’s called the rapture; an event where God removes believers from the earth by a super-natural snatching away of…

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  • Antichrist Informative Speech

    The antichrist is not who we always perceive him to be. If the truth be told, it could be our neighbor, the man or woman that we work with everyday, the friend we hang out with or our family members. One of the biggest antichrist entity that’s before us and knocking at our door, is Isis, an Islamic antichrist. Individuals mind are being poison by this system, and many are being killed for their religion. The best way to prepare for the reign of the Anitchrist, and the end time I to open your…

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  • Analysis Of Genesis By Nancy Gross

    I went back to the text but the dialogue had died down and no new themes or ideas were coming to me. At this point I did what Nancy Gross suggests and listed out my possible guesses for the meaning of this text. • it is a literal view of what it will be like before Jesus second coming of judgement. • It is about the hope of the coming of Christ • It is about the action needed before Christ coming again • It has something to do with eschatological theology and the idea of Christ coming to us…

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  • Giorgio Agamben's Analysis

    In Giorgio Agamben’s The Time That Remains: A Commentary on the Letter to the Romans, he evaluates Paul’s letter by taking a close reading of the opening of Romans and then claims that within these treasured words ultimately lies Paul’s messianic philosophy. Each chapter, interestingly, lays out the context and content that each word of the opening means and what Paul was hoping to convey to the Romans. Agamben also presents Benjamin’s Theory on the Philosophy of History side-by-side Paul’s…

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  • Eschatology: End Times

    Eschatology is the study of what is commonly referred to as the “end times.” This era in history was foretold by the book of Revelation in the New Testament. This field of study can have both good and bad come from it. An example of a good thing from it would be to recognize signs of Christ’s second coming and to let those signs strengthen one’s faith. A bad result that could be pulled from studying Eschatology would be a person attempting to pick a date for when Jesus comes back to retrieve all…

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  • Colossians 3: 1-15 Analysis

    Colossians 3:8, “Anger, wrath, malice, slander.” (ESV Colossians 3:5) As Christian people, who intend to follow Christ, we sometimes do not really follow Christ. It is easy to say love your neighbor, meaning everyone. On the other hand, it is very hard to follow through with that. You really learn how much the Lord loves you when you try to love the person you really dislike. It is hard, and the Lord makes it look easy. Now as Christian people however, it should be easy for us too. But, after…

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