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  • Jesus's Essay On The Eschatology Of The Kingdom Of God

    In a study of the eschatology of the Kingdom of God, the Bible is very clear on when and how His kingdom is to be. In Matthew 12:28, in the New American Standard Bible it says, “But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you”, here Jesus is explaining how through Him, the Kingdom of God is coming and through His assentation into Heaven, He brings the kingdom into the spiritual realm of this world. In Mark 1:15, it says, “the time has is fulfilled, the…

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  • Critical Reflection: The Call To Be A Christian

    Critical Reflection 1 The call to be a Christian is unique to the individual who chooses to follow the word of the Lord and bring Christ into their life. For some, they could have grown up in a Christian household and took upon their parent’s beliefs; others may have not been looking for their faith in God, but rather stumbled upon it unknowingly. My path to Christ is unique because I was raised in a Catholic-household, meaning I went through my First Communion and Confirmation, but I still…

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  • Christianity In The 19th Century

    In the 1800s, Alexis de Tocqueville claimed that “There is no country in the world where the Christian religion retains a greater influence over the souls of men than in America.” This was understandably true in the early nineteenth century. Even today, religion plays a significant role in laws and issues in our country. However, the truth of the matter often gets lost in the changes that our society has gone through. Many today end up rejecting or condemning Christianity as childish,…

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  • A Christian Worldview Essay

    A Christian liberal arts education does not have a textbook definition but is a solid foundation of teachings that are most essential towards a development of knowledge. This knowledge is then turned a personal worldview, which is comprised of previous teachings, experiences, and beliefs. In Heaven is a Place on Earth, Michael Wittmer states, “A worldview is a framework of fundamental concepts of beliefs about the world. In short, a worldview comprises the lens through which we see the world.” A…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Zoroastrianism

    battle of Ahura Mazda, the good god, and Angra Mainyu, the evil spirit, between the truth and lie while human beings must decide which side they want to choose. Zoroastrianism contributes to Western Religions with eschatology, resurrection, and judgment day. Zoroastrians developed eschatology, the study of the last days, and influenced many others. They predict that world is going to end and on the last day Ahura Mazda will defeat evil, purify the whole world, will reign over it, and all people…

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  • James Evans We Shall All Be Change

    motivation to believe that social change is necessary as spiritual renewal will only happen at the end of time. Recognizing that social renewal must take place for the “Negro Problem” to be solved, it becomes imperative that the church embrace an eschatology of spiritual renewal as an earthly and spiritual goal which will transform society. Consequently, the Kingdom of Heaven will take place on Earth and usher in the end of time as a…

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  • Use Of Parables In The Gospel

    According to Powell, “much of Mark’s Gospel is concerned with offering comfort, courage, and counsel to Christians suffering violent persecution” which were common under the emperor Nero in the 60s. Mark’s Gospel shows the Kingdom of God as a present reality (“the kingdom of God is at hand,” Mk “to you has been given the secret of the kingdom of God…” Mk 4:11)…

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  • Samuel Escobar Theology Approach: Holy Spirit And The Bible

    Samuel Escobar writes that the twenty-first century is of global Christianity. Christianity is global. Escobar is a Latin American, he explore the role of the Church in the global, world. He also emphasize on the secular world and how Christian should globalize the mission, through a various of essays about missiology approach and evangelical missiology. In his thesis he write about the American ministry and perspective on global perspective. This paper will discuss Escobar approach in…

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  • Black Theology Of Liberation By H. Cone: A Marxist Social Analysis

    Immediately to “Black Theology and Black Power”, Cone writes and publishes “A Black Theology of Liberation”. There, he reflects his deep commitment to the black struggle for justice from the perspective of Christian theology, which helps African American to recognize that the gospel of Jesus is not only consistent with their struggle for liberation but has a meaning central to the twentieth century America. “Racism is a disease that perverts human sensitivity and distorts the intellect”. He…

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  • Essay On Eastern Orthodoxy

    practice of monks in the sense that it requires solitude. However, it does not go as far as to experience loneliness, as monks do (“About Eastern Orthodox Hesychasm”). For members of Eastern Orthodox churches, worship lasts two or more hours. Eschatology is the belief that when a person dies their soul is temporarily separated from the body. Eastern Orthodox does not agree with Purgatory in which the Roman Catholics believe. Purgatory is the belief in purification after dying before the body…

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