Christian eschatology

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  • The Mark Of The Beast

    2.) There is nowhere in the text that says this number is to be used to find out the identity of the Antichrist. Most futurist scholars would probably agree that by the time the Mark of the Beast is instituted, it won’t be a huge secret who the Antichrist is, especially to the saints living at the time of the Mark of the Beast. Contextually, it is clear from this passage that the Antichrist has already reached the place where Satan has come down to earth and is possessing the Antichrist (verse…

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  • Revelation Book Interpretation

    not tied to historical events. Robert Mounce summarizes the idealist view stating, “Revelation is a theological poem presenting the ageless struggle between the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness. It is a philosophy of history wherein Christian forces are continuously meeting and conquering the demonic forces of…

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  • Allusions In The Antichrist

    Throughout The Bible, passages describe the character of The Antichrist using both direct prophetic allusions and types (typology). Within all these passages, certain themes are discovered again and again. The composite picture paints a fairly simple-minded yet predetermined individual, driven by an insatiable desire for self-elevation and praise. Like Lucifer before him, this obsession will cause The Antichrist to proclaim himself as God’s co-equal, if not higher. Lucifer’s proclamation is…

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  • Caiaphanes In The Son Of Man By John J. Collins

    Daniel utilizes a new introductory formula in this verse to focus the attention of the reader to the climax of the visions of the beasts. From this group of ten horns, comes up “another horn, a little one” which displaced three other horns. This little horn had “eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking great things.” Nothing specifically is said about the nature of what is being said, however, within the Bible’s wisdom literature, through the eyes or speech of a person, their…

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  • Ethical Behavior Of Donald Trump And The Mark Of The Beast

    rather enjoy it. We have now entered the end of the postmodern age where truth is replaced with emotion. If something so small as a criticism of one’s hands or fingers can send Trump into a never-ending obsessive tirade, what would happen if genuine Christians throughout the world went on a relentless campaign targeting Donald Trump as Satan incarnate? Again, consider his past reactions to trivial comments while imagining his response an international group of thousands, even millions, of…

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  • What Is The Context Of Matthew Chapter 24

    Many people in our world desire to know what the future holds. Thousands of people read horoscopes, go to palm readers, and look to psychics for answers to questions concerning the future. We are enamored with knowing what is coming over the next horizon so it is no wonder that many people who read the Bible do so to get an insiders glimpse on what tomorrow holds. And in a very general, but meaningful way, we are told what the future holds for humanity. Those who are found in Christ have an…

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  • Why Does Religion Exist

    Fear of the unknown is one of the most basic traits shared by all humans. One unknown, that induces fear into most people, is what will happen at the end of time. Of course, science can answer this question in terms of the universe as a whole – the universe will continually expand, become colder, and human life will no longer be able to survive in the resulting desolate universe. However, most people do not fear this end as they will not live to see it. Instead, they fear what will happen to…

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  • The Antichrist Analysis

    If one dares ask a question that examines or critiques Trump, prepare to be attacked. This will only get worse as his ascendancy continues. However, if you laud Trump with praise, he will elevate you to a place of honor, exactly corresponding to Daniel 11:39. This is presently happening as people sell their soul and surrender their principles to join the Trump Train. Buddy up to him and he will treat you wonderfully. But challenge him at your own peril. The last part of the verse says, “he’ll…

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  • Linear Cosmology

    The views of different religions on the “End of the world” Eschatology, is the part of religious studies dealing with events of the end of time, and humanity’s final destination. The word is derived from the Greek root Eschatos, which means “last”. Almost all religions and beliefs through all nations around the earth have their own ideas and beliefs about the events that are going at the final days and that will lead to the end of the world. Although there are lots of religions all…

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  • Bronte's No Coward Soul Is Mine, And Despondency?

    fears about death. In No Coward Soul Is Mine, the speaker believes that dying should not be feared so long as one trusts in life after death. In the first stanza, the speaker observes the imminence of “Death” but is not discouraged because of her Christian faith: “I see Heaven’s glories shine/ And Faith shines equal arming me from Fear.” Because of the speaker’s eschatological “Faith”, she has the power to overcome any “Fear”…

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