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  • The Dead Sea Scrolls And The Apocrypa

    An Introduction to the Theology of the Hodayot Scroll” Jane Doe BOTB: 685A The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Apocrypha April 20, 2012 Introduction When the first set of Dead Sea Scrolls was discovered in 1947, the collection contained several never before seen non-biblical scrolls. Among these unknown scrolls, was the scroll given the Hebrew name Hodayot or the Thanksgiving Hymns. The scroll received this name…

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  • N. T. Wright's Paul: In Fresh Perspective

    scholar and prolific author in the field of Christian theology and Early Christianity, and especially Pauline texts . Despite his reluctance, N. T. Wright is unavoidably associated with more or less a different approach to the reading of Apostle Paul, which has gained currency as “the new perspective” – a term coined by James Dunn . While Wright regards himself as “deeply orthodox theologian”, or an evangelical with unswerving commitment to the Christian orthodoxy, some of his contemporaries…

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  • Essay On Christianity And Brokenness

    impacted our broken selves, culture and government by changing the thought, traditions and values of how we live. Christianity is a religion that fills the broken parts of our souls instead of depending the caverns. Christians are known for reaching out…

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  • Analysis Of Albert Wolters's Creation Regained

    Albert M. Wolters’ novel, Creation Regained, is a book on the basics of the Christian worldview and Christian education. This book is divided into five different chapters; What is a Worldview?, Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Discerning Structure and Direction. The first chapter covers the basics of what a worldview is and Wolters defines worldview as “the comprehensive framework of one’s basic beliefs about thing” (2). In the book, Wolters says there are four elements to this definition of…

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  • Resident Aliens Book Review

    Aliens: Life in the Christian Colony to argue that the church has been called on by God to be what they call a “unique colony” within today’s world, and not a social group who makes their decision based on society’s opinions. The authors chose to use the metaphor of a colony to symbolize that although the church is part of the state its first priority is God and his will, rather than the governments. The second metaphor the authors chose to use throughout the book is that Christians are…

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  • Summary Of Cristavao Freira By Shusak Endo

    increased due to growing trade relationships, disagreements and arguments ensued between opposing cultures. In the 1500s, the Japanese culture was introduced to the Christian religion, which led to political and social unrest in the Asian nation. This unrest quickly evolved into a full persecution of the Japanese converts and foreign Christian missionaries, and there were also numerous laws and limitations placed on other Japanese citizens. In a fictional novel written by Shusaku Endo, this…

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  • Bosch's Approach To Evangelism

    Dei is broader than evangelism, but it does include evangelism as the vital ingredient. Bosch makes the following statement that outline his approach to evangelism. 1. I perceive mission to be wider than evangelism. 2. Evangelism should therefore not be equated with mission. 3. Evangelism may be viewed as an essential “dimension of the total activity of the church.” 4. Evangelism involves witnessing to what God has done, is doing, and will do. 5. Even so, evangelism does not aim at a response.…

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  • Analysis: The Authentic Scripture

    to be used for the aforesaid purposes of God’s kingdom. The charismatic spiritual gifts are no longer given to Christians today because the canon is closed, and the extension of such gifts would suggest that God is still speaking authoritatively outside of scripture, and that the harvests of these gifts should be viewed equally with the words of God established in scripture. Christians are still given gifts of the Holy Spirit who acts as the believer’s consoler in times of testing and also…

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  • Analysis Of Discipleship By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    his fourth volume of sixteen and has also been published under the title The Cost of Discipleship. Bonhoeffer was a pastor in Germany that was later arrested, imprisoned and executed by the Nazis. Discsipleship is based on the belief that being a Christian and follower of Jesus comes at a cost, which is why he literally differentiates between costly grace and cheap grace. Costly grace is what is required. Cheap grace will destroy the church. We are called to be disciple and it is necessary to…

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  • The Holy Bible: The Unity Of The Scripture

    The Unity of the Scripture Without God, the human race would cease to exist. He created all that is, was, and will ever be. God made humanity in His own image and likeness, to be like Him. However, man fell from the Garden of Eden, losing the likeness, or divinity that made humans so closely related to God. God put enmity between the devil and man and would continue to intervene in the lives of the chosen peoples of the human race. Eventually, God gave His only son, Jesus Christ to die for the…

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