The Antichrist Analysis

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If one dares ask a question that examines or critiques Trump, prepare to be attacked. This will only get worse as his ascendancy continues. However, if you laud Trump with praise, he will elevate you to a place of honor, exactly corresponding to Daniel 11:39. This is presently happening as people sell their soul and surrender their principles to join the Trump Train. Buddy up to him and he will treat you wonderfully. But challenge him at your own peril. The last part of the verse says, “he’ll parcel out the land for a price.” With a sentence like this, one would think that The Antichrist made his living in real-estate. Everything about Trump points in some way to The Antichrist. This is just one more detail. The Antichrist will go so far as to restructure power blocks of countries for profit.
Verses 40-45 describe the future military campaigns of The Antichrist. Just a couple quick observations. Notice he loots the countries of their treasure. I already mentioned the reactive quality in this passage; how he
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Now open, they were written for a time when “many shall go back and forth and knowledge shall increase.” The original language indicates a knowledge explosion; the blast of which sends it hurling about with great speed. Was Daniel referring to the internet? As I teach kids private music lessons, oftentimes they will send a text to their parents. I remind them that the information accessible within that tiny cell phone is more extensive than what was contained in all the libraries of the world when I was a young man. This kind of progress is immeasurable; it is god-like. The internet plays a big part in the end days. I believe it is the forerunner to the Mark of the Beast. Google chairman Eric Schmidt said, “The Internet will disappear.” He is right. He knows. Not that the internet will “end”, but that it will become internalized. Then invisible, all hardware will become tissue as it becomes one with our

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