Visiting my Grandparents Essay

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  • Personal Narrative Essay Over Mea Weekend

    Over MEA weekend, I was able to cross off one of my bucket list items. On Sunday, my grandparents came over to go on a bike ride with my parents, Logan, and I. My grandfather is really into biking. When he was still working, besides in the winter, he would ride his bike to work everyday. My dad, Logan, and I have taken multiple bike rides with my grandfather and we wanted to take another one before winter rolls in. My grandparents came in the morning from Waconia to attend church service with us. After church, My grandparents, parents, Logan, and I went to Mankato to have lunch. We decided to go to Baker’s Square. Our grandparents love that restaurant and take my family there from time to time. When we got done eating and visiting, we decided…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Nebraska

    For every holiday and just about every season my family and I journey to my grandparents’ house. My grandparents live in Nebraska, so it is a four hour drive to their house, but it’s worth the time in the car. On the trip to Nebraska my family and I pile into the car with five of us it can be kind of cramped. My sisters and I make it a lot of fun; we laugh and joke around making the time in the car not seem so long. We watch out the window and see the land change it goes from hilly and full…

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  • Visual Analysis Essay On Norman Rockwell

    normally have similarities between pictures, but Rockwell pictures stand out more because they express extreme realism. After browsing I noticed that Rockwell is very creative and talented. I also noticed not only does he put things into perspective, he also paints pictures very neat in detail. My grandparents played an important role in my life. Therefore, I was drawn to the two paintings of Norman Rockwell that dealt with grandparents: “Gramps and Me,” and “Grandpa and Me fishing.” I chose…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To Florida

    could get from the coop in the backyard, to the avocado tree growing in the backyard, my trip to Florida had become one of the greatest life experiences I’ve had yet. Visiting Florida taught me many skills on being independent, mentally, and how easy and fun it is just to be to yourself sometimes. It all started Christmas eve when I got home to find my presents from “Santa” there before we even went to bed. My parents had planned on taking a vacation to Florida for Christmas break to see my…

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  • Nitwits: My Favorite Word

    After being reprimanded by Pop-Pop, I whispered to my older brother, Garrett, ‘what are nitwits’? (“What are nitwits?”) Since that moment in June 2007 at age seven, nitwits has been my favorite word. Initially, I would smile and often giggle when hearing ‘nitwits’ just because the word sounded silly to me. While still my favorite word at age seventeen, nitwits now conjures up a feeling of warmth, comfort, and love for it brings me back to a screen porch where I can vividly recall the crisp…

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  • My Cultural Heritage

    My cultural heritage is based on my great grandparents’ history. My paternal grandfather was from Ireland, and my grandmother from Italy. My maternal grandmother was from Spain, and grandfather from Germany. It is such a coincidence that they were all from very different cultural backgrounds, but love saw past all their differences and put them together. Part of the customs and traditions which we practiced during the holiday included dancing the tango during holidays; shown to us by some aunts…

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  • How Is Albania Different To America

    When visiting a different country for example, Albania. In Albania, everyone seems very welcoming and genuine to their visitors. Although not as many people do visit Albania than some other European countries, however, there’s always been a saying that American’s are usually rude and not welcoming to tourist. After visiting Albania I believe that statement is accurate. As I was leaving the gate and running off to the arrival stand to get my passport checked, the man behind the stand over heard…

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  • My Cultural Identity Research Paper

    My cultural identity has always been a journey. I have a very diverse group of family and friends. My cultural identity was formed my by experience and my family. I believed that with the push for multicultural counseling I believe it’s important for counselors to have a strong sense of self. I believe that with diversity being a strong topic and how important ones culture is we have counselors have to learn how to become more culturally competent. Thus far in Social Justice and diversity I…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Hagood And Mcgee Family

    adventures and experiences. Amongst my family ethnography are multiple memories, heirlooms, and locations that are close to my heart. My immediate family includes my parents, John and Jenny McGee Hagood, my grandparents Molly Hicks Hagood and John Hagood, my aunt and uncle Lanier and Kristi Hagood, my cousins Katie and Thomas Hagood, my grandparents Connie and Wayne McGee, my uncle Patrick McGee, and my cousin Emma McGee. My dad grew up in the small town of Eufaula, Alabama. My mother grew up…

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  • Arvind Ashok Interview Essay

    he soon learned were fun and took them in from an early age. The discourse around politics and economics fostered his interest early, and he was driven to communicate what he knew with others. This yearning for discussion drove him toward his active participation activities such as debate, DECA entrepreneurship competition, and student council. Arvind shared his formative moments with his extended family who live in Chennai, India. From visiting his grandparents and great grandparents during his…

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