Personal Narrative: The Hagood And Mcgee Family

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The Hagood and McGee families were brought together on October 31, 1992. The two lineages come from a long line of Scotts-Irish descent. With family in Kentucky and Alabama, I have grown up with great adventures and experiences. Amongst my family ethnography are multiple memories, heirlooms, and locations that are close to my heart. My immediate family includes my parents, John and Jenny McGee Hagood, my grandparents Molly Hicks Hagood and John Hagood, my aunt and uncle Lanier and Kristi Hagood, my cousins Katie and Thomas Hagood, my grandparents Connie and Wayne McGee, my uncle Patrick McGee, and my cousin Emma McGee. My dad grew up in the small town of Eufaula, Alabama. My mother grew up in the small town of Cynthiana. My paternal grandmother has always kept the history of the her family with her. Your great grandmother Gwen Hicks, your paternal grandmother’s mother, was an accomplished genealogist and …show more content…
Every year my parents and I drive nine hours to have Thanksgiving dinner in Kentucky with my family. No trip to Kentucky is complete without my dad’s famous dressing recipe. The recipe is one of several that has been passed down from my grandmother. While the food is being prepared, we turn on the Macy’s Day Parade for some entertainment. My dad enjoys joking about memories of my great Uncle Phil, may he rest in peace. Uncle Phil was deaf, but it certainly did not keep him from having a long conversation with everyone around him. He could not hear you, but you could certainly hear him. Our Thanksgiving tables are organized with place cards every year, and every year my dad would get placed by deaf Uncle Phil. Everyone at the table would hear my dad and Uncle Phil yell their conversations at each other. Afterwords, we always unwind with a slice of my mother’s pumpkin pie. The Hagood and McGee families have multiple stories to remember from the

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