Mother Tongue by Amy Tan Essay

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  • Analysis Of Mother Tongue By Amy Tan

    In Amy Tan’s essay, Mother Tongue, Tan discusses her struggles growing up as an Asian-American born to Chinese immigrants. She examines certain aspects of the language she speaks and writes, against the language her mother speaks and writes. Amy has a keen grip on “proper” English, most likely due to her being raised in America. Alternatively, Tan’s mother speaks in fragments of English due to her being an immigrant who fled China’s Cultural Revolution (Amy, 1990). Tan realises her different “Englishes” when she was giving a public lecture about her book, The Joy Luck Club, she states how she had given this talk to “half a dozen other groups” (Amy, 1990) and that she suddenly realised one major difference in this group, a difference which put…

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  • Mother Tongue By Amy Tan Essay

    At a young age, children are exposed to different environments which can ultimately affect their character. Where and who they live with might determine how one grows up. For example, Amy Tan was embarrassed of the lack of English her mother knew because of how people treated her. She faced discrimination since everyone taught she should’ve majored in Math and not in English or creative writing. Ben Carson encountered racism and self-doubt. When he was young he felt stupid compared to other…

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  • Amy Tan Mother Tongue Thesis

    it is typical of Americans to marginalize those who have not yet assimilated to American ways and customs. In the case of Amy Tan, her mother was affected by her inability to speak English as coherently as others. Her “broken English,” as Tan calls it, caused her to be treated unfairly in society. In “Mother Tongue,” Amy Tan discusses this phenomenon in American culture, and uses stories from her own life to develop a unique stance on the issue. Through the lens of personal anecdotes and other…

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  • Immigrants Language: Mother Tongue By Amy Tan

    Language In the essay “Mother Tongue,” Amy Tan describes an important realization she had In 1989. Conducting a symposium in San Francisco where she discussed her well-known book “The Joy Luck Club.” This symposium was the first time that her mother was part of her audience. Not until then, Tan realizes that the academic English she is using to address the audience is different than the one she uses with her mother. Tan’s essay describes the exploration of languages and how it can be part of…

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  • Rhetorical Arrangement Of Mother Tongue By Amy Tan

    Arrangement of "Mother Tongue" by Amy Tan Amy Tan, in her narrative novel - "Mother Tongue", recounts her thoughts of her mother 's "broken English". Tan 's purpose is to explicitly express the influences on her life exerted by "Mother Tongue", in order to attract readers with similar feelings and experience. She employs delicate rhetorical arrangements such as classification order, narrative anecdotes, and comparison. These delicate rhetorical arrangements are effectively beneficial to Tan 's…

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  • Broken Language In Mother Tongue By Amy Tan

    When re-reading "Mother Tongue" By Amy Tan, the author has gone into details expressing a portion of her life growing up with the man Englishes that she has had. Between unconsciously switching from "proper" English to a " broken" form only spoken between her family, this has allowed her to overcome several adversities in her life. Due to these challenges, having a "limited" or "broken" language it still has made an impact and impression on her mother. The author's claim is that, even in her…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Mother Tongue By Amy Tan

    Logos, or logic, involves looking for arguments that make sense in a piece. Amy Tan’s essay is very logical. It makes complete sense, and is simple to understand. Being that it is a narrative, she uses examples to back up her statements about English. She tells the stories of her mother dealing with the stockbroker and the hospital as means to make her point clearer. Ethos looks at the author’s credibility. Tan is a well-known writer, and does a lot of public speaking. We can trust her…

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  • Analysis Of Amy Tan The Opposites Of Fate, Mother Tongue

    In the essay by Amy Tan from The Opposites of Fate, Mother Tongue (2003 p. 20-23) she blends different forms of English to make it more relevant to most people and making the piece easier to read and comprehend. It has it proven that using blended forms of writing can make a successful piece. We tend to elaborate more when we know our audience. When we do not, we use more factual information and formal words. We also use formal methods to get our point across when trying to reach those in…

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  • 'Mother Tongue' By Amy Tan

    In the piece, “Mother Tongue”written by Amy Tan, Tan made the example with her mother and the hospital to prove to the readers that those who cannot speak perfect, or fluent English will be often disregarded or not equally treated compared to those who speak English well. When Tan described the example with the stockbroker, she wanted the audience to realize how her mother couldn’t get around in California properly with, for lack of a better word, broken English. She also described the feeling…

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  • Amy Tan Mother Tongue

    can be for immigrants and children of immigrants because of this barrier. Amy Tan, the author of “mother tongue” expresses what she learned growing up in a home where broken was spoken. She learned about how she spoke different to different people in her life, how people reacted to her mom’s broken English, and how this has affected her life growing up. Growing up, Amy was ashamed of her mother’s “limited English”. Her mother though knew that her English wasn’t very good. Some of Amy’s friends…

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