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  • Important Writing Skills

    Important skills are developed through education and teaching children to read and write. Every human being has a background on their guidance or lack thereof, when learning and developing these skills. A considerable amount of situations are similar to what I encountered growing up, in the sense that going to school was a significant part of their development. Parents and schoolteachers, helped shape the reader and writer into the individual they are becoming while the students had to take the initiative of learning some on their own. Reading and writing were brought to me various different forms, through parents, teachers, journaling on my own, my sister and peers. One of the biggest influences on my ability to read and write was my parents.…

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  • Improving Writing Skills

    with their writing and proofreading skills, several applicable areas of research will be surveyed. The research will focus on the following topics: the significance of improving writing skills, proofreading, and writing across the curriculum. Significance of Improving Writing Skills Writing skills are important in our day to day lives, they are a vital part of literacy; for a student to be involved in a literate society in the coming years, they will need to be capable writers as well as…

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  • The Importance Of Communication Skills And Writing Skills

    In this world of 140 characters, instant messages, and emails possessing good business writing skills are still important. When email or other written communication is sent, it is out there for people to judge. Your correspondences not only reflect on you, but on your organization as well, so it’s essential to get it right. For my development goal, I decided to improve my written communication skills by completing several courses through our Judicial Online University (JOU). The eleven…

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  • The Importance Of Writing Skills

    It’s been five years since I graduated from high school. Before I started my first semester at Community College of Aurora, I had done no long writing whatsoever in those few years. I had forgotten everything. I was worried that I would fail this class because of my lack of writing skills. Soon after, I realized that I would learn more writing skills than I did in high school and use them for my papers in class. A personal narrative, was the first assignment I had in my ENG121 class. Through…

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  • Writing Skills Evaluation

    In addition to relieving this obligation from the instructor, I reviewed student work for content, format, and overall quality with notes and corrections. Following this, I then organized it for easy analysis by Professor Roberts. By doing so, I improved my ability to evaluate and critique the written work of others. Having multiple assignments to read through also helped me compare who possessed favorable writing skills and who the weaker writers were. When reviewing their work, I looked for…

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  • My Writing Skills

    The Improvement of my Writing Skills during The Fall Semester. Robert Collier states, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” This citation expresses as well all my English learning experience in Montgomery College, with a peculiarity for this semester. It is the fourth semester that I am an ESL (English as a Second Language) student in Montgomery College (MC); also the fourth semester that I am learning those rules in order to sharp my English. However, this semester…

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  • Difficult Writing Skills

    taught me skills I have never learned before. The main focus I tried to emphasize on is writing as if it was a way of conversation, letting the reader fully understand what I am actually trying to say. During class time, we worked together in small groups which actually helped me grow as a writer and understand my flaws to perfect them in any way I needed too. Included in my portfolio was my first piece of writing “Hold On to the Things You Have” which was the article analysis that I thought was…

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  • Reading And Writing Skills Analysis

    Reading and writing is an important aspect of learning, but in order to obtain these skills, you must first need to learn to comprehend the language. This all starts with your auditory system. You start listening to everything as an infant. I would start to sound out and imitate certain words I heard to slowly understand what that means. Visual learning also plays an important role. Children start watching the television and start picking things up in certain learning programs. Personally, I…

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  • Writing Skills Reflection

    I am writing you a letter to tell about my theory of writing and how I believe it has impacted my writing skills throughout my college education. Before I was enrolled in your English class, an Introduction to Writing Studies, I was unsure of my ability as a writer. I mentioned throughout my childhood I did not have a stable home environment, my family was forced to move, numerous times due to financial reasons. During these years I constantly changed school systems, the curriculum varied…

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  • Paper On Writing Skills

    statement because of the line of work I am in. My field of work does not require any writing skills yet it does require reading skills. When I say reading skills I am referring to reading blueprints of symbols and abbreviations rather than words. I am a welder and we have to read blueprints in order to put a part together and weld it accordingly. However, my wife is in school as well so for me to discuss writing skills or any academics; would be right up her alley and she would be intrigued and…

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