Difficult Writing Skills

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This semester has been more challenging than I actually anticipated. I have always had some trouble in English, but this semester taught me skills I have never learned before. The main focus I tried to emphasize on is writing as if it was a way of conversation, letting the reader fully understand what I am actually trying to say. During class time, we worked together in small groups which actually helped me grow as a writer and understand my flaws to perfect them in any way I needed too. Included in my portfolio was my first piece of writing “Hold On to the Things You Have” which was the article analysis that I thought was the hardest then there was the research paper titled “Driving to Death” which I really enjoyed writing. Almost once a …show more content…
IT was full of surprises such as the research that came up and the ridiculous numbers that came with drunk driving which my paper was about. Research papers are on the stronger side of my writing skills. I am very good at looking for research all over the internet and applying it to my writing style. The only mishap I had within this paper was the way I cited my sources. I was never really taught on how to do in-text citations so I had to kind of teach myself to better that skill. Also, here and there throughout my research paper I had many run on sentences but that is an easy fix because it was only my second draft. Another strong point in my paper was the conclusion, which typically that is my hardest part of finishing a paper. The expectations for college writing is far different than the writing in high school. I believe that my final pieces of writing show how I have grown as a writer from the beginning of college. I have learned how to make conversations with the reader, use peer feedback to better my papers, and effectively write to get to the point I need to make. I am glad I got the opportunity to have a great year in class with your teaching skills to better myself in the English writing

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