Personal Narrative: My Trip To Nebraska

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For every holiday and just about every season my family and I journey to my grandparents’ house. My grandparents live in Nebraska, so it is a four hour drive to their house, but it’s worth the time in the car. On the trip to Nebraska my family and I pile into the car with five of us it can be kind of cramped. My sisters and I make it a lot of fun; we laugh and joke around making the time in the car not seem so long. We watch out the window and see the land change it goes from hilly and full of trees to smaller hills that have very few trees and the farther north we go we begin to see farm land. Row after row, and field after field it can be somewhat boring but at the same time enchanting. Depending on the season the fields may be barren and covered in snow, or green and lush. The trip is truly amazing and beautiful as a child I took the trip for granted but now that I’m older I see the beauty in it. …show more content…
I love seeing my grandma with her strawberry blond hair that is sprinkled with silver, and I love to see my grandma’s contagious smile. I also love seeing my grandpa with his gray bird nest of hair and his rough thick hands that have seen many days working hard on the farm. My grandparents put a lot of work into building the farm they live on though they no longer have any animals, but I can still imagine where the barn used to be before they tore it down. I can still remember my grandpa’s old work shed that is now replaced by his much bigger and nicer shed that he uses to make the most intricate and beautiful pieces of art all from random scraps of wood. The only part of the house that has not changed over the years is my grandma’s sewing room. Which is still has its wood paneling and shag carpet. In her sewing room my grandma makes the most beautiful drapes. My grandparents’ house is filled with so many memories I cannot imagine my life without

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