Medieval Architecture Essay

  • Artifact Essay

    to the history of the buildings or the monuments, for example where it came from and how it was made. We are so occupied with our life that we do not even know when was the artifact or the architecture was built in. If it is from an ancient period or from the medieval period. If that artifact was made in ancient time periods, then how can we compare with the artifact that was created in the medieval time periods. What were some difference between these artifacts that was made in different time period? Before that, how can we define if that artifact or architecture was from ancient or medieval time period. If an artifact is from ancient, it would look kind of old and distort and if an artifact is from the medieval time period, then that will be going to represent as a style of the middle ages like shiny and shivery. For example, an ancient’s artifact or architecture will be looking for Woman seated between two felines, Catalhoyuk, Turkey artifact and Egyptian Pyramids. Examples of the medieval artifacts or architecture will be at The Good Shepherd from c.a. 300 CE and Saint peter church. Ultimately, we will be going to see how these artifacts and architecture from two different time period is alike and how it is different. Starting with, the artifact from one from the ancient and the medieval time period and find out some similarities and difference about those pieces. The artifact from the ancient time period called Women seated between two felines, Catalhoyuk, Turkey…

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  • Gothic Cathedral Essay

    cathedrals stand as a tangible expression of the pious aspirations of the medieval people during the late 12th to the first half of the 16th century. The soaring architecture, like its adherents thoughts, ascend towards heaven solidifying the supreme authority of the Church over every aspect of life. Emerging from the Romanesque period of architecture, Gothic cathedrals are renowned for both their constructional elements as well as their ornate decorations. The Gothic cathedral is a gallery of…

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  • Abbott Suger Case Study

    importance in Cathedral glass structure. He is very important for his early work of gothic architecture and his style inspired many builders for years. The building material he incorporated in his work was the concept of light to reflect a symbol of god inside the cathedral. The more he used light, the more he “hoped for people to be closer to god”. 2) How did this style of architecture come to be called “Gothic”? The name behind “Gothic Architecture” originated from critics that saw Abbot’s…

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  • Smokestacks And Spires Analysis

    Smokestacks and Spires A Brief Examination of Gothic Architecture and its Revival The late European medieval period saw the development of what we refer to today as Gothic architecture. Through new technological and design innovations, Europeans built awe-inspiring buildings to house their most precious institutions: royal palaces, castles and cathedrals--many of which remain largely untouched by time’s flow centuries later. Drawing from ancient Roman technological advances, the Gothic…

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  • Suger's Miracles, Branner's Bourges Analysis

    Marvin Trachtenberg, “Suger’s Miracles, Branner’s Bourges: Reflections on “Gothic Architecture” as Medieval Modernism”, Gesta, 39.2 (2000)m 183-205. In his article, Marvin Trachtenberg aims to redefine our understanding of words like “modern” and “historicism” in regards to Gothic architecture. To prove his point, he uses Suger’s St. Denis along with Bourges Cathedral as examples, but he begins with a lengthy investigation into the language we use to describe Gothic architecture, including the…

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  • Gothic Architecture Essay

    worship God. Whether it be Early Medieval, Gothic, or Romanesque, there are several similarities between the Monastery of Immaculate Conception in Ferdinand, Indiana—built in the late 19th century to early 20th century—and Abbey Churches and Cathedral from 12th and 13th century. Designs from exterior building, to design of ceilings and windows are what create and give the architecture depth and significance even several centuries later. Though several other specifications are gathered in…

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  • Impact Of Medieval Technology In The Middle Ages

    the peak of its success and surpassed the greatness of any other society during that time. The many religious and political changes that were made along with the inventions of new medieval technology contributed to Europe’s magnificence. This period of technological advancements, religious transformations, and introductions of new ideas led Europe to become one of the greatest nations of the Middle Ages. I will be focusing on four of the innovations that I believe helped bring Europe to its…

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  • Characteristics Of The Benedictine Abbey Of St Gall And Cistercian Abbeys

    but political and economic institutions as well. These monastic buildings played the major role of preserving and advancing knowledge in agriculture, the arts and architecture. Question 2 The key characteristics of the spirit of renaissance are nationalism, humanism, a fresh approach to life as well as a new spirit in literature, architecture and the arts. It also included scientific investigations and the growth of vernaculars. The spirit of renaissance was embodied by humanism. It involved…

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  • Vocal Music Essay

    that happened between the medieval period of music to the Baroque, music would not be the same concept we have come to know today. The medieval world was drastically different than the world we know today. Lacking simplicity and harmony, the environment was filled with war, disease, and famine. Having to cope with such difficulties, the people of this time period resorted to faith and the church. This brought about many changes within artistic environment of the medieval society. Paintings,…

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  • Byzantine Art Analysis

    “The models from which medieval Northern Europe in particular formed its idea of “Roman” style are nearly all portable Late Antique works, and the Late Antique carved sarcophagi found all over the former Roman Empire; the determination to find earlier “purer” classical models, was a key element in the art all’antica of the Renaissance.” (Henderson 1977) Byzantine art is the Greek-speaking Byzantine Empire art that had been created after the Roman Empire division of the Eastern and Western sides…

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