Relationships Between Architecture And Sculpture

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Architecture and Sculpture
One of the most obvious relationships between architecture and sculpture is that they are based directly on the cultures beliefs and needs. As cultures evolved, so did the architecture and sculptures. At the beginning of the module when we discussed the prehistoric cultures, architecture was used to meet the basic human need for shelter and security. The art in the prehistoric period was also related to the need to survive and can be seen in cave paintings that illustrate hunting rituals and lunar calendars which were used to predict migration of their prey. Religion and spirituality also was directly related to survival. During this time, graves were constructed to house the dead showing an understanding of death
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Due to their need of emerging culture of pilgrimage, the gothic churches were modified to become taller and more dramatic. The sculptures and paintings were used to tell the story of Christianity. When I lived in London, I visited Westminster Abbey and the architecture is extremely breathtaking and the building is very large. There is a lot of detail in the architecture and the interior was just as beautiful and full of detail. The windows are adorned with very large intricate stained glass windows. The Abbey also features pointed arches, ribbed vaulting, and flying buttresses which were used to increase the size of the church to allow for the addition of ambulatories, smaller rooms and …show more content…
Money is also a very important part of our lives so many of our buildings are corporate offices, stores and apartment buildings. A lot of our sculptures, art and architecture reflect these obsessions. Even though we are much more focused on the aforementioned, most people in today’s world are still very religious. One of the ways you can see the modern day obsession with entertainment, technology and religion is in the Lives Changed by Christ (LCBC) church. This is a very modern day church that is very large, has multiple large screens for viewing the sermon and lyrics to songs as well as a place designed specifically for children to learn about God while the adults attend service. One of the big differences in this church from your typical church is the auditorium like layout with no center aisle. The Pastors are also much younger than they used to be, they look like everyday people, like you and me. The music is also much more modern and performed on a large stage using drums, guitars, spot lights, and prompters. You have the feeling of attending a concert while at church. The messages during service apply to everyday life and the dress is very casual, there is no need to wear your Sunday best at LCBC. The church also has an armed security guard who is stationed outside of the children’s center. The advancement and use of technology is

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