How Is Albania Different To America

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When visiting a different country for example, Albania. In Albania, everyone seems very welcoming and genuine to their visitors. Although not as many people do visit Albania than some other European countries, however, there’s always been a saying that American’s are usually rude and not welcoming to tourist. After visiting Albania I believe that statement is accurate. As I was leaving the gate and running off to the arrival stand to get my passport checked, the man behind the stand over heard me speaking English to my brothers, and goes “Oh you guys are from America, we love seeing American’s visit our country!” From that moment on I knew this trip was going to be an exciting trip. Back in America, however, I only have family member visit …show more content…
One weekend, when I went to sleep over my cousin’s house for a few days, everyday my other cousins who lives in the same village would come over to hang out and stay over for dinner. Then, after a while kids from the same street would come by to hang out too. I asked my cousin Anita who lives in the house if these kids are over every single day and she answered yes saying that they don’t even call we just expect them to come here because they are here each day. I was pretty surprised of how people would just show up at someone’s house without receiving a phone call because back in New York, if I had a relative that would want to come over for a visit they would usually call a few hours before they actually arrive and usually I’d only have relatives come over a few times a few, mostly on holidays. This difference also goes to show that people in Albania are much closer with their families and neighbors because they are always together all the time. In America, I personally don't speak to all of my cousins because we are always busy with work and school, so whenever we do see each other it’s usually when there’s a big wedding or any other family event. Also, nowadays we don’t usually speak with our neighbors anymore or even know their names which is pretty upsetting but it’s because in America everyone are always busy with work or certain event’s though out there lives that we never have time to take a break and just hang out and catch up with other

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