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  • Smith Anderson's Trip To The Beach

    Smith anderson was at Little Rock airport she had a flight to Miami in 20 minutes. Smith was really happy because she had a 2 weeks of vacation. She flew to Miami to go to the beach and tan. She also went there for some business meetings. When smith arrived in Miami she went to her hotel and when she got there Smith went to bed because she was really tired. The next morning when she woke up and did her breakfast she walked to the beach she was really lighthearted because she was alone there, as she got to the beach she saw the beach was really packed. After like an hour later tanning she got up and she was listening to music as she looked straight down the beach towards the ocean there was a husband and a wife trying to get on the paddle boat.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Trip To The Beach

    and I made our first trip to the beach. The adventure seemed to take a lifetime to reach our destination. Being in the car for 12 hours is not what any child would call a fun time. My brother and I would play video games and watch movies to past the time away and eat the snacks mom would pack us. We finally had reached our destination Destin, Florida. My little brother is so excited to see the water, he runs through the screen door that goes out on our balcony. At first I was a little frightened…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Family Beach Trip

    Each year, a pilgrimage to the Florida or Alabama gulf coast is a highly anticipated and enjoyed event for my family. In the beginning, it was just my wife and I. Man oh man, these trips were some of the most relaxing times that I can remember. Now, our yearly “beach fest” includes our two children, Kaylee and Garrett. While this is still a wonderful family event, I no longer use the phrase “relaxing”. Elbert Hubbard once said, “No man needs a vacation so much as the man who just had one”.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Flagler Beach

    A few summers back, my family and I took a trip out to Flagler Beach, Florida, not too far from Daytona. A few days into the vacation, the girls had gone out for a shopping trip, so, because there was a slight drizzle, my Dad and I decided to just chill out and watch some TV until the weather decided to calm down. This was a vacation that will never be forgotten. My ears perk up as I notice the quieting of the rain against the window. I get up and walk over, pushing the roughly sewn curtain to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Myrtle Beach

    Every year since i was a baby My mother and I go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a vacation. I've always been a fish. I love swimming in the ocean, the pools, water parks, anywhere you can think of. My mother and i would go out really deep in the ocean and just float while the sun kissed our skin. The water was warm on my body like it was giving me a big hug. We would stay out there for hours and just talk. at the end of the day when the sun goes down over the water, we would go to the pool.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Panama City Beach

    This last summer, in 2016, was amazing. Around the beginning, I was getting prepared for the best summer ever. I was looking forward to everything me and my friends would get to do. Toward the middle of summer, my mom made plans for us to travel to the beach and we decided to go to Panama City Beach. I called my friend and told her to pack her clothes, because this is a vacation to remember. When we arrived at the beach, it was around noon that day, and it felt so good out that day. The wind was…

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  • Narrative Essay On A Trip To The Beach

    Anna Maria Florida It was a hot, humid Sunday in Anna Maria Florida. We were going to the beach with the 3 other families that went with us. It was about a five minute walk from our house we rented to the beach, which really felt like five hours because I was really excited. Once we FINALLY got there my friends and I decided to take our shoes off and find a perfect spot in the white hot sand to set up of chairs and umbrella. We took our clothes off because our swim suits were underneath and…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To The Beach

    It started off as just another typical trip to the beach, but little did I know that after this my opinion of the beach and everything associated with it would be completely altered. It was a thunderstorm to remember, I still remember it to this day and it was over ten years ago. I had never felt so small and powerless until the trip to the Outer Banks, where I had truly discovered the real power of nature. Our family for the past couple years, had taken trips to multiple different…

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  • My Trip To Pensacola Beach In Florida

    It was spring break and my family and I decided to take a trip to Pensacola beach in Florida, the entire trip was amazing and memorable, but the most memorable moment for me was when we decided to walk the peer. It was getting late almost time for dinner when the sun started to go down and as the sun touched the top of the ocean the most stunning and magnificent sunset I had ever seen in my life appeared. I quickly reached into my bag to grab my brand new galaxy alpha android phone. I went to…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Fletcher Family

    Already, it was our last day of the trip and I felt very at home by this point. I never wanted to leave. We decided to do something special on our last day rather than sunbathing by the pool and everyone (including myself) felt ambitious enough to try scuba diving. Scuba diving was a totally new experience for me and it was thrilling. It felt like I was in a completely new world. The sheer amount of wildlife I witnessed in the water was incredible. My eyes were instantly attracted to the…

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