Most Memorable Moments of My Life Essay

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  • The Most Memorable Moment In My Life

    When I categorize the memorable moments I have in theatre I find they rarely have to do with the moments on stage despite the fact that I an actor. The moments that make me laugh uncontrollably, want to scream and punch a wall, sob into my pillow all happen in interactions with audience members after a performance. My most memorable moment in theatre all surrounds a little boy who never told me his name. I was working at Florida Studio Theatre (FST) as an Acting Apprentice. We were getting ready to open our educational outreach Playmakers Tour and so as with any good show we needed a preview audience. Due to FST's relationship with Emma E. Booker elementary we were going to do this show for free at a Title I school. For those who don't know…

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  • 8th Grade Research Paper

    will always be one of my memorable year of my life, 8th grade will always be a year to love and remember every moment of my life, and 8th grade will always be a year I’ll never let go. I will never forget those unbelievable times with my friends hanging out during break, playing football and basketball going to school dances during fall, winter, spring, and summer, going to a field trip to Great America during the end of 8th grade year, and most importantly spending my last moment…

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  • Socrates Purpose Of Life

    Throughout history, people have asked what is the purpose of life? Many people would have different purposes; however, they would generally be the same. Some people would answer that the purpose of life is money and property, while others would say the purpose of life is happiness and family. Despite having different purposes, they question the purpose of life. Before his death in 399 B.C.E, Greek philosopher Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”1 In order to live a…

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  • My Most Memorable Moment

    My Most Defining Moment in BMT 28th May 2015 is the date which marks a significant milestone to my life journey thus far as the transformation of being a civilian into a solider will soon began shortly. That moment when I waved my final goodbye and bid farewell to my family members at Ladang parade square, I knew that the time has arrived for me to experience the journey every Singaporean son have went through before. Till date 14 weeks have pass by in a blink of an eye, without me realizing…

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  • Reflective Essay About Happiness

    and to me happiness is not a mere emotion that I wish to have every single moment in my life. Happiness is a relative term that some people consider an expected result of doing good deeds, and I believe it is a memorable feeling that lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of effort and always linked to a place in some way. In order to understand what happiness is, I looked into my past and tried to find out if there is a formula for happiness. From my perspective, the level of personal…

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  • Reflections On Vivid Memories Of First Words

    After reading Vivid Memories of 1st Words I have learned that reading and getting read to as a child is very important. The author writes “Indeed, all the experts say people who were read to as children are better readers as adults.” I defiantly agree with this point mothers and fathers should read to their children before they even start school because it will allow children to be ahead in their schooling and give them a love for reading. If you give a student a love for reading at a young age…

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  • What Is The Most Memorable Moment In The Last Essay

    The summer of 2017 was a time that I will never forget, filled with fun adventures, friends, and away from occasionally overbearing parents. My most Notable moment from this summer was my school trip to Italy and Greece, more specifically the time that I climbed a mountain in the early hours in the morning with friends. I am not an active person, much less a morning person, I was not prepared for the laborious task of climbing a steep rocky mountain. In the end, that very moment in time was…

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  • My Trip To Pensacola Beach In Florida

    It was spring break and my family and I decided to take a trip to Pensacola beach in Florida, the entire trip was amazing and memorable, but the most memorable moment for me was when we decided to walk the peer. It was getting late almost time for dinner when the sun started to go down and as the sun touched the top of the ocean the most stunning and magnificent sunset I had ever seen in my life appeared. I quickly reached into my bag to grab my brand new galaxy alpha android phone. I went to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey As A Nurse

    I graduated from nursing school in 2013. I started working as a nurse a few months after passing NCLEX. I have been a nurse over two years in ICU’s step down called SCU. I have learned a lot in nursing, most of the good and the bad. However, a few memorable moments includes nursing shortage and death and dying. Nursing shortage causes lack of adequate patient’s care and undesired outcome. On the other hand, I have also experienced care for an old patient at her end of life. I struggled…

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  • My Day To Be A Princess Essay

    forward to. It was almost time for my quinceanera, the young woman 's coming of age; her fifteenth birthday. From the time the young woman becomes fourteen to the day of her quince each detail is intricately planned to make this day as close to perfect as possible. October twelfth of 2013 was my day to be a princess. I woke up as if it was a regular Saturday morning, by Saturday I would look and feel totally different. Walking out of the salon with my hair and makeup done to perfection,…

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