Same Sex Marriage Should not be Legalized Essay

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  • Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legalized?

    recent years, supporters of same-sex marriage got the advantage to win almost 80 percents of United States today. That is thirty-seven states out of the fifty states here in the USA. Moreover, just as last month, the issue has been brought up to the Supreme Court to consider whether it is time for nationwide same-sex marriage. On April 28, 2015, the nine justices had heard the oral arguments regarding the issue that whether or not the Constitution we have now guarantees the rights to marriage to homosexual couples. Just on that day, April 28, 2015, many of the protester from the various side of the debate attended outside of the court building in Washington with flags, signs and the hope for the court to finally allow same-sex marriage throughout every state in the United States. The decision for this case is set to be made in June of 2015. However, the long wait for the court’s decision will not discourage the protesters with their opinions. There were four cases been listened, which are Bourke V. Beshear, Love V. Beshear in Kentucky, Obergefell V. Hodges & Henry V. Hodges in Ohio, Deboer V. Snyder in Michigan, and TancoV. Haslam in Tennessee, in the Supreme Court. Tanco V. Haslam caught my eyes on, also in the article “Case: Tanco v. Haslam” the reporter said that “NCLR filed a lawsuit on behalf of three legally married same-sex couples, was challenging Tennessee laws that prevent the state from respecting their marriages and treating them the same as all other…

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  • Why Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legalized

    Throughout the country there has been a widespread controversy over whether same sex marriage should be legalized or not. But on Friday, June 26th, 2015 the decision was made for Americans when the Supreme Court ruled the legalization of same sex marriage in all fifty states (Vogue, Ariane). However, that didn’t stop the people of the United States from still arguing over and protesting the Supreme Court’s ruling. Whether it being because it’s considered a moral sin in the Bible, that only a man…

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  • Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legalized In The United States

    to the United States and neither is the idea of same sex marriage. Social rights and movements have always been a problem in the United States and has always been what has defined it. Same sex marriage has been one those social issues that has been of hot debate for quite some time and has heated up in recent years and split the country. Though same sex marriage is still not legal under federal law in the United States even though in many similarly advanced counties it is. The question…

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  • Against Gay Marriage

    Reason For Gay Marriage To Not Be Legalized People in this society think it is wrong to take advantage of marriage. According to Bible standards, the definition of marriage is to be between one man and woman (Marriage Equality in The New Republic). With same-sex couples or heterosexual couples, everyone shares the same value of love and commitment (Olson), therefore, everyone should be treated equally. The gay marriage issue affects society in several ways. One of those ways is that other…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Equal Law For Everyone

    is still questioned on whether gay marriage, the matrimony between the same sex, should be legal. Gay marriage should be legalized based on the equalization of people, the acceptance of homosexual marriage in other countries and states, and because of out civil liberties of pursuit of happiness. We live in a world where we are perceived to be equal , but in reality us as individuals face prejudice…

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  • The Legalization Of Gay Marriage

    For a very long time, marriage has been a sacred union between a man and a woman. For that same amount of time, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) communities have been shunned by societies. In the recent years, a lot of US states, and some countries around the world have finally legalized gay marriage, which is one of the biggest successes for LGBT rights. Of course the fight does not stop there. The legalization of gay marriage is just one step closer for the LGBT community to…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized?

    Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized? Unions between people of the same sex have existed for thousands of years. Throughout the years, people have done many things that have favored most of the people and some have opposed to it. Many people think it is bad and religious people think is wrong. Most get discriminated just because they are different. All same-sex couples want is to be recognized in a good way. They want to get treated equally and also they want to have the same equal rights as…

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  • Interracial Marriage In North America

    colony in North America, marriage has played an important role in maintaining peace and establishing domestic roles and social standards for both men and women. Indeed, the first marriage in North America to promote peace between two discrete groups took place not long after the settlement of Jamestown. The union of John Rolfe and Pocahontas was an agreement to bring the English colonists and the Powhatan people together. Additionally, marriage in North America has also established the roles of…

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  • The Benefits Of Legalization Of Gay Marriage

    Gay marriage, or to be more politically correct, same-sex marriage, has been the debate of the century. Now to me, this particular situation has been stretched to its limit. No one has the right to say how an individual lives their life. The previous laws that were being followed and argued over were made a couple hundred years ago. Times have changed, and relationships are no longer the same. Although the original laws were based on particular religion, now many more beliefs are widely accepted…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Same Sex Marriage

    Marriage has always been between a man and a woman, right? Well, then what happens when you suddenly change the definition and turn it into a “loving, romantic union between committed adults?” (Vogt). It doesn’t work like that. It confuses society and children. What then, is to stand in the way of those who want to make polygamous or incestuous relationships legal? In several countries, “three-way relationships were…granted the full rights of marriage” after same-sex marriage was legalized in…

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