What Is Equal Law For Everyone Essay

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Equal Law for Everyone Picture not being able to jump the broom with the person you love. Imagine being considered a pariah who is wrong for wanting to be with someone. In today 's society many people face these issues against the traditional views and are unable to walk down the aisle hand and hand with their significant other. The topic at hand is still questioned on whether gay marriage, the matrimony between the same sex, should be legal. Gay marriage should be legalized based on the equalization of people, the acceptance of homosexual marriage in other countries and states, and because of out civil liberties of pursuit of happiness. We live in a world where we are perceived to be equal , but in reality us as individuals face prejudice and discrimination on a daily. Homosexuals are judged because it is out of the traditional norm to marry the same sex. Others asked why should gay marriage be legalized? Who is to say who you can marry and who you can not? it is okay for a man to love a women and be married, and no one cares. We as humans should all be treated equally opposed t being outcast. This topic is a touchy one for us , but for what? Homosexuals struggle daily because they want to have a marriage license, want the right to marry like anybody else, and they want to honor their …show more content…
Judge Allen came to this decision while settling a legal suit by a gay couple that could not be officially married in the system. Judge Allen had proclaimed the law against gay marriage to be unconstitutional, then the judge ultimately realized what was right for the people. Legislatures should not discriminate against marriages of the same sex. The Declaration of Independence, a powerful foundation of America’s system of justice, notably states, “all men are created equal.” Therefore, everyone deserves to be treated fairly and given the same civil

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