Should Gay Marriage Be Legal Essay

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Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?
According to the ruling by the Supreme Court in the case Obergefell v. Hodgesin the United States, it is noted that the prohibition of same-sex matrimony is unlawful. Innately, the jury iterated that the Fourteenth Amendment provides equal protection through a due process that should be respected the judiciary, which should protect the rule of law. The United States has long experienced a struggle between people supporting each side of the argument since it is impossible to provide a compromise between them (Lipp). Importantly, the proponents of gay marriages indicate that the world, through its judicial systems, is attempting to limit their rights to wed. Contrastingly, the opponents of the act state that it is against natural law that advocates for heterosexual relationships. Consequently, it is
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On one side, it is stated that people have the liberty to exercise their freedom and right as provided by the constitution. For example, the Fourteenth Amendment gives people the sovereignty to be involved in due processes and equality. On one hand, some believe that the same-sex marriages are supported. As such, it is stated that marriage between homosexuals may reduce divorce rates, and this will protect children in these institutions. Additionally, it is reality in the 21st century and it defines the separation of the state from the church. On the other hand, opponents states that it is unnatural and ruins the perspective of marriage as an institution to bare and raise children. Further, same-sex marriage denies children an opportunity to have two parents of different gender to learn in an all-inclusive environment. In perspective, confirmation of same-sex unions is not a suitable undertaking as it could increase number of homosexuals, may disrupt nature of families and might deny children an opportunity to have parents of both

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