Importance of Baseline Surveys Essay

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  • Simondou Project Case Study

    of health, as well as stakeholder feedbacks and interviews, it was possible to form a comprehensive baseline health, demographic and socioeconomic profile of the potentially affected communities. Regarding EHA, the IFC HIA toolkit recommends 12 EHAs to be accounted on the analysis (IFC, 2009). The HIA identified the 12 environmental health areas predisposed to capture the connections between community impacts and project-related activities. After obtaining the above mentioned PACs baseline data, it was possible to perform a risk analysis of each health outcome and determinant, linking it to each EHA. The author summarized such information on the Table…

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  • The Impact Of Ipads On English Language Learners

    THE IMPACT OF IPADS ON ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS WHO ARE IDENTIFYING AND DEFINING SIGHT WORDS 1. Topic The purpose of this research paper (a) is to examine the effects of how Beginner level English Language Learners best learn high frequency Dolch sight words in terms of identification and application by using an iPad technology, and (b) to evaluate satisfaction and motivation among participants in the use of iPads in the sight word acquisition. The participants will consist of three…

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  • The Importance Of Obesity In Ontario

    Introduction In Ontario, obesity is a concern especially amongst adolescences which goes under diagnosed or ignored. This report will highlight the findings of various studies and the importance of being obese/overweight amongst adolescences in Ontario. This report will introduce the topics of theoretical underpinnings (interpretivism, positivism, and critical realism), research objectives, employed methodologies (quantitative and qualitative) and strength/limitations throughout studies.…

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  • Environmental Analysis Essay

    Vanclay et al. (2015) suggest that a good SIA should collect baseline data that includes all social issues in the pre-impacted area, which could be used as a reference for the project. This SIA conducts a comprehensive survey and literature review to analyze environmental baseline conditions within the pre-impacted area, and identifies a number of environmental aspects which requires special attention. These concerns include geo-hazard risk, surface water and ground water quality, soil quality,…

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  • Succession Planning Case Study

    because they believe somewhere else they will have better opportunities. HR metrics to measure success: Measuring the success of the mentorship program and succession planning is of utmost importance. Yet, many organizations do not focus on the right data. The problem is that employers only focus on asking about participants’ level of satisfaction alone, which is not a good HR metric. The problem is that employers only focus on asking about participants’ level of satisfaction. Wal-Mart should…

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  • Parent Involvement In Children's Homework

    A parental consent form will be sent out explaining the purpose and procedure of the project along with an initial survey. The students will be divided into two groups, control and treatment groups, based on the response gathered from consent form. The students’ initial math test scores will be collected from the teacher to establish the baseline, and these will be compared with post test scores at the end of the project. The weekly lesson plan for math will be provided by Mrs. C so that the…

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  • Native American Suicide Prevention

    In phase one, the intervention author met with key Native American leaders to discuss the importance of mindfulness, and how may or may not reverberate with the tribal community’s’ traditional culture. Phase two includes receiving the approval of the Elders and collaborating with a tribal champion who understands the issues of the communities regarding the suicide risk factors. Delivery was to occur at school as an elective class, and homework was assigned for each of the modules. “In total…

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  • Discrimination In Law

    equality and for each ground I will discuss a case study that has occurred in Ireland. Discrimination in employment is prohibited by the Employment Equality Acts of 1998-2011. Discrimination weakens equality that is present in society. Discrimination may also damage social ties and weaken social solidarity, and in the context of employment, it can undermine labour standards and lead to an inefficient use of skills by individuals. The importance of eliminating discrimination is reflected in…

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  • Case Study Analysis: Meltdown At Koeberg

    Behr to know how to proceed in improving circumstances at the hospital, he must first gain an understanding of the current prevailing attitudes and conditions. This can be accomplished by assessing current levels of engagement. “Organizations can’t know if they’re improving unless they have a baseline... The most common approach to develop this baseline is through an employee engagement survey...Survey results can directly measure engagement” (Lavina, 2016, para. 8). Results gathered can then…

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  • Adolescent Violence

    (Ellickson & McGuigan, 2000). The school districts varied from suburban, urban, and rural (Ellickson & McGuigan, 2000). The study concluded with 4,390 student participants, who are now in the twelfth grade (Ellickson & McGuigan, 2000). As part of the study, students were required to fill out school administered surveys to assess themselves on where they ranked with regard to the seven predictors (Ellickson & McGuigan, 2000). The measure used to gauge the students consisted of characterizing the…

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