Advantages and Disadvantages of Drugs Essay

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Drug Courts

    more therapeutic purposes. A lot of the specialized courts focus on both drug and mental problems. Some people who use drugs are not bad people, but they are just in the wrong place. Some people with mental issues do not realize what they are doing or the effects of their actions. People with drug and mental problems should not go through the same vigorous process of those who stole or murdered. Drug courts differ in clientele and procedure than the “typical courts.” First of all, drug courts deal with defendants with substance abuse. The courts get the nonviolent offenders, and they are offered treatment in the community. The judge overseeing the drug court requires mandatory drug testing and monitoring. They defendants are like on probation but…

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  • Opioids: Opium, Morphine, Heroine

    of the drug? Some of the common names or slang words used on the street to acquire this drug are names such as, Aunti Emma, Big O, Black Pill, Dream Gun, Dream Stick, Dreams, God’s Medicine, Gondola, Toxy, Toy, Gumma, Chandu, Buddah, Emerald City, and midnight oil. How does the drug work? Opium works by mimicking the effects of neurotransmitters located int he brain. This neurotransmitters are know as endorphin. Endorphins are produced by our central nervous system and pituitary glands which…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Advantages Of Animal Experimentation

    Animal Experimentation Animal experimentation has been around for many centuries. Humans perform these experiments on all species of animals to find different effect of a product it could have on a human. Three advantages in particular advantages are, it helps scientists gain a better understanding for cures of different diseases, this practice makes a vital advance in medicine, and for the expense of treatments and cures animals should not have rights when it comes to research. Although there…

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  • Should Antibiotics Be Restricted Essay

    Antibiotics are a drug that is prescribed from a doctor to a patient to provide faster fighting in a bacterial infection (2). Bacteria can grow and reproduce fast, thus creating a challenge for your immune system to be able to fight them off. Bacteria are classified as prokaryotes and can survive in extreme conditions (3). Bacteria are more commonly know as “germs” (3). There are many advantages and disadvantages if our government decides to restrict the use of antibiotics. The use of…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Discussion And Key Policy Analysis Of Marijuana

    option’s aim would be to continue perceiving marijuana as an illegal drug within the United States. Most importantly, the citizens who cultivate or distribute the drug will continue to be criminalized and will ultimately be punished to the fullest extent of the law. An advantage that arises from the policy option would be the fact that the public will be safer from the influence of the drug. Marijuana is incomparable to alcohol— in fact, some argue that it has…

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  • Drug Testing On Animals

    laboratory animals for drug testing is justified?” Animal testing is a practise that has been done for many years for the fundamental purpose of investigating problems and side effects that may occur when using a chemical substance or a drug on the human body. Rather than testing it on a human the scientist tests this substance on an animal closely related to humans with both genetics and structure e.g. apes and orang-utan. After this is done, the scientist then considers the safety of the…

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  • The Addiction Potential Scale Vs. Addiction Severity Index

    Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, but they both work together to determine not only who has the potential to become addicted to alcohol and drugs, but also the severity of the addiction. Both are critical to assessing a person’s addiction, or likeliness to develop an addiction, so that the individual can be treated properly or informed on how to prevent the addiction from occurring in the first place. What is the Addiction Potential Scale? The Addiction Potential Scale predicts…

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  • Oral Liquid Formulations

    a suspension. Given the criteria of Drug Y it was thought best to formulate the drug as a suspension. Suspensions can be defined as ''a class of materials in which one phase, a solid, is dispersed in a second phase, generally a liquid.'' (1) There are many characteristics of suspensions that are relevant when formulating such a dosage form. They are as follows; (1) Whilst in storage the suspended particles can sediment to the bottom of the bottle. While this is a normal occurance for…

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  • Natural Birth Essay

    family is assigned a midwife (who is paid by the government!) and a “flying stork” (ambulance) wait at their house in case of a complication during the delivery period (Berger, 2016, p. 66). The method I would chose for my family would be a natural child birth at a hospital. I think this method would be the best for the baby. One advantage to this method is the lack of drugs involved in the delivery process. In the textbook, it indicates mothers who had an epidural experienced their babies did…

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  • Explain The Meaning Of Sustained Release On Medication Bottle

    asks you the following questions. What is the meaning of sustained release on medication bottle? She used to have a cream, but now has an ointment. What is the difference? Explain the purposes, advantages, and disadvantages of the different routes of drug administration I would calm the patient down and tell her I will be happy to explain her questions and help with her concerns. I would tell…

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