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  • Benjamin Franklin: A World Without Electricity

    Bam! Imagine living in a world without electricity. Most people today, don't even think about that. Most people today, don't even know how electricity was came to be. Benjamin Franklin, as smart as he is, did not invent electricity himself, but he had a key role in discovering what it has been broken down into today. Benjamin Franklin gave us many electrical terms that we used today like the "battery", "charge", "conductor", "condenser", and the "armature." First of all, lights run on electricity. Lights revolve around our classrooms, homes, and the places that we work at. Imagine sitting in your room at night without lights, of course you would feel lonely, but by having electricity, you feel comforted. Also, without lights we would be living in complete darkness. It is like having a flashlight with no battery, we cannot live without it. Lights help us in everyday life and in the world today are very important. Secondly, cars run on a battery. The battery in the car runs on electricity and helps the engine get started. Imagine not having cars. People don't really think about this, but without cars the world would be filled with many depressed spirits. Without cars, we would…

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  • Essay About Electricity

    into essential aspects of everyday life. Fifty years ago, inventions such as electricity, railways, and the internet were non-existent. It is hard to believe that in today’s day in age, everyone is so dependent on these creations. They have connected the world in ways that were thought to be impossible hundreds of years ago. The world went from having no electricity, railways, or internet, to being reliant on these inventions every single day. This advancement in technology has impacted the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Cell Phones

    Regarding the challenge of living without technologies and technological devices, my first day (Friday) was very disturbing for me. At some moments of my first day, I forgot this challenge and was about to make call to my friends for setting a weekend picnic plan. But instantly I realize that I could not use my cell phone to my friends for any discussion about our picnic plan. So I don’t use my cell phone. I start thinking some other ways to contact me friends instantly and I did not find any…

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  • The Importance Of The Electrical Power Grid

    Imagine a world without electricity, a period of prolonged darkness, not just a brief power outage. Attempt to envision a world where time does not exist. Sounds abnormal, yet for the greater part of human presence, this is the means by which we lived. The sun was the nearest instrument we had to a clock, and it contained all the information we desired. Endeavor to picture a world where there is no such thing as a stove to cook an evening feast for your growing family; no television to watch…

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  • A Summary Of Spokane's Snow Collapse

    On November 19, 1996 the Spokane area experienced the worst ice storm to ever happen in 60 years. So many residents went without power that it was also the worst power outage in 108 years. Four people lost their lives in and around Spokane and Kootenai counties. The storm costed $22 million in 1996 and $33 million in 2013. Before the freezing rain fell, there were 2-4 inches of snow. An inch and a half of freezing rain fell; coating trees, roads, vehicles, and power lines making roads…

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  • Static Electricity Research Paper

    do not move. Static electricity is one of the many things that are covered in electrostatics. An object that has accumulated electric charge has static electricity (“Electricity for kids”, 1). The charges are not on the move nor do they flow from one place to another. It is easy to remember that the charges don’t move in static electricity, because static can be tied to the word stationary. The word stationary means that an object does not change its position and remains in the same place. Even…

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  • Energy Poverty

    be considered to be experiencing it; but a good, inclusive definition that I have found is this: Energy poverty is not having electricity because it is either not available, not reliable, or not affordable. Here are a few things you should know about our world. First, about 1.3 billion people in the world are without access to electricity. Secondly, the poorest people are most likely to be affected by energy poverty. Thirdly, these people are more likely to remain poor, because energy poverty…

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  • How Did Benjamin Franklin Become An American

    Have you ever thought about electricity or how lucky we are to live in a free country? Have you ever thought about where we would be if Benjamin Franklin would not have written the constitution? Benjamin Franklin was one of many founding fathers of the United States; he has made some of many great inventions and helped shape the world. Electricity, without the invention of the lightning rod where would we be today. Benjamin Franklin changed the world of electricity in 1752 with the invention of…

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  • Persuasive Essay On How To Live Off A Grid

    Imagine a life without the unpredictable power outages? You can live off the grid and produce your own electricity. Gone are the days when people relied on coal, gas, nuclear, oil, and other nonrenewable sources. Living off the grid is the best way to reduce the dependence on nonrenewable sources of energy. Unlimited Another reason why living off the grid is a viable option is that you can use as much energy as you wish. Think of it this way, you are able to use as much power as you wish without…

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  • Causes Of Electrocutions In Australia

    Electrocutions In Australia Electrocution is being killed by electricity. Electrocutions in Australia are common although the Regulations and Safety campaigns have been implemented to minimize electrocution deaths. Between the first July 2000 and 31st October 2011, there were 321 reported electrocutions in Australia. Whether caused by accident or by a mistake, an average of 20 people dies each year in Australia due to electrocution. Among this, the highest percentage is males who make up 96%…

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