Personal Narrative: Cell Phones

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Friday’s Journals:
 Regarding the challenge of living without technologies and technological devices, my first day (Friday) was very disturbing for me. At some moments of my first day, I forgot this challenge and was about to make call to my friends for setting a weekend picnic plan. But instantly I realize that I could not use my cell phone to my friends for any discussion about our picnic plan. So I don’t use my cell phone. I start thinking some other ways to contact me friends instantly and I did not find any except to go to their houses one by one. Most of my friends are living within the range of 3 to 4 miles from my residence. So I went to meet them one by one and decide the location and time of our picnic party. This one task of informing
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Although I withdraw enough cash for my weekend expenses before the start of this task (living without technologies) but unfortunately I forgot to put cash in my pocket and I want to market without any cash. I was unable to call my friends or family members so that they could help me and can bring cash to me. So I come back to my home without buying any item because I was having no other option. I tool rest for 2 hours, put cash in my pocket and I went to the market again to buy my required items. This really makes me tired. This incidence introduced me with the importance of credit/debit cards and ATM machines in our daily life.
 Temperature on Saturday noon was little bit high than previous days but it was very hot day for me because I could not use my room air conditioner or fan. It is very easy to switch on the air conditioner or electrical fan of our rooms and taking rest in a pleasant room environment with suitable temperature but it is not easy to live now without air conditioner or electrical fans. I never imagined the importance of these technologies especially the electrical fan which I every person has in his/her room. Truly I find it very hard to spend only one hour without air conditioner and electrical
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I find it harder to get prepared without the assistance of electricity and substantially more time is to be dispensed to each task that we have to do in the absence of proper sun light. The clothing for the day should be ironed utilizing a non-electric iron which needs consistent warming. If not, wrinkle free clothing must be source or the wearer looks tousled. On dressing whatever remains of the day can start. I also have found that without electricity it is impossible to store food for a longer period of time. We must have to consume most of our food items after buying. After dull in a spot without electricity, returning home can be extremely risky, particularly for ladies. Without streetlights, the streets turn out to be simple for individuals with criminal goals to stow away in. Stores are likewise a great deal more averse to stay open so that the boulevards get to be abandoned and a profitable wellspring of income is missed out on by different businesses. In short, I have found that our life is running on electricity and we cannot survive today without electricity. Electricity is the most important invention of human history and we can’t imagine a good life without

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