Static Electricity Research Paper

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Electrostatics is a big branch inside of the tree of physics. When studying electrostatics you will learn about electric chargers that do not move. Static electricity is one of the many things that are covered in electrostatics. An object that has accumulated electric charge has static electricity (“Electricity for kids”, 1). The charges are not on the move nor do they flow from one place to another. It is easy to remember that the charges don’t move in static electricity, because static can be tied to the word stationary. The word stationary means that an object does not change its position and remains in the same place. Even if we are unaware of it or even if we never imagined it see static electricity in our everyday lives (“Electricity for kids”, 1). Static electricity is even capable of accumulation inside out …show more content…
The hair on our heads will stand up, while being attached to the balloon. Another example of when we have static electricity inside of us is when we run our fingers, back and forth on the carper and then touch someone and we feel a sting. Another example of static electricity is when you slide down a slide and the touch someone else. They will receive a little shock that will not cause great damage. Yet another example of static electricity is on a dry day when you take off your hat and your hair stands all the way up. In all of these examples, we pass on the static electricity he had built, to another object. Although it is rare to see, at least in some areas, an example of when we see static electricity is lightning. Lighting is an extreme form of static electricity (“Electricity for kids”, 1). It is caused by static electricity because clouds move through the air continuously which leads them to have electric charges. After some time, the accumulation gets to big it turns to lighting. Electricity is composed of

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