Beauty in Kashmir Essay

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  • Stuck In The Middle The Story Of Pakistan Essay

    Story of Kashmir “The consequences of that partition have been so terrible that one is inclined to think that anything else would have been preferable.” Nehru the Prime Minister of India at the time of partition spoke about the tragedy that occurred because of the partition, including the faith of Kashmir. The partition of India and Pakistan occurred in 1947 when the British disengaged their hold over India, but India would also lose part of its land to a new country called Pakistan. Pakistan would be a home for Muslims, while India was a home for Hindus. Moreover, there was also an argument over Kashmir, a princely state, India and Pakistan could not determine, which country Kashmir would belong to. Partition caused…

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  • Kashmir Conflict Case Study

    1) The Kashmir battle is a close-by conflict generally among India and Pakistan, having started not long after the division of india in 1947. China has on occasion recognized a minor part. India and Pakistan have fought three wars over Kashmir, including the Indo-Pakistani Wars of 1947 and 1965, and the Kargil War. The two countries have additionally been combined into a couple conflicts over control of the Siachen Glacier. As an inevitable answer for this issue was for Kashmir to have the…

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  • Chandigarh Case Study

    Chapter 1: 1.1. Chandigarh – The new Capital Pakistan and India became independent in August of 1947, after the division with the Punjab Province, which had as a result, India being without capital, as Lahore, the existing at that time capital, became part of Pakistan. The loss of the capital had as a consequence the immediate need of establishment of a new capital (Rüegg, 2010). In March of 1948, the government of India in collaboration with the government of Punjab decided the specific site…

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  • Paths To Peace Analysis

    Kashmir: Roots of Conflict Paths to Peace Sumantra Bose Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2003, pp. 307 Kashmir: Roots of Conflict, Paths to Peace by Sumantra Bose is a well-researched and engagingly written book on the contemporary history of Kashmir. It doesn 't take a myopic view of the Kashmir conflict as a ‘territorial-dispute,’ but looks at it through a broader lens, taking into account the complexity of society and politics in the region. The book tries to shift the focus of the…

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  • Role Of Agriculture In Agriculture

    staple crop in Kashmir grown through out the valley of Kashmir and the staple food of the indigenous population. Yet, the state has never acquired self-sufficiency in food grains, in spite of agriculture sector continuing to be the major sector contributor to the state domestic product. However the analysis of data reveals that the dependence on agriculture as a permanent occupation is continuously declining. Agriculture continues to be a major sector but it no longer constitutes a mainstay of…

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  • Quit Kashmir Movement Analysis

    The Maharaja opted for a temporary accession with India and as such many cases of treasons were filed against the Shiekh Abdullah for his Quit Kashmir movement by the Govt. of India. With the help of Mahatma Gandhi & Jawaharlal Nehru, all the cases were withdrawn for which Sheikh Abdullah supported the accession of Kashmir with India. Pakistan, with the help of Qabailie Jihadies, sent its troops in 1948 to Kashmir and annexed 3/4th of its territory. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru took the matter to…

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  • Statement Of Intent For Tourism Essay

    Statement of Intent for Tourism and Recreation. I have always been fascinated by beauty and aesthetics in my immediate environment since childhood. I could remember vividly when I used to build caves and mountains with molded clays and cut woods and then have them decorated with flowers leaving my fellow teenagers and even adults perplexed by the beauty and aesthetic view of my works. As a teenager, I had several times, competed in a local aesthetics competition in which I always took the first…

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  • The Importance Of Mating Preferences In Interpersonal Relationships?

    Youth is usually a reliable indicator; another one is the waist-to-hip ratio. Women with lower waist-to-hip ratio often went through puberty at earlier age, thus can have less difficulty in getting pregnant (Buss, p. 56). Therefore, the ratio is an accurate indicator of women’s reproductive status. Similarly, another major finding relevant to body shape is that men in general prefer women having an hourglass shape, because curvy figures demonstrate high level of female reproductive hormones (His…

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  • Chinese Foot Binding History

    What is foot binding? Throughout the history, as we all know, women have tried many ways to make themselves more beautiful, attractive and desirable. They have tried to change their bodies to satisfy men, to be superior to the other women in terms of beauty and attractiveness. And, one of the ways for altering their body for the purpose of beauty was foot binding in Chinese history. I would like to give some definition of foot binding. It is “a painful tradition in China of binding young girls’…

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  • Why Do Women Wear Makeup

    How much do you rely on cosmetics? Do you consider makeup to be an essential part of who you are? When wearing makeup, do you expect others to perceive you a certain way? The amount of makeup someone wears influences how physically attractive they look, and how confident, intelligent, and friendly they seem. Previous research has investigated if cosmetics had any impact on the way that women were perceived by others. Previous research has focused on the correlation between cosmetic usage and…

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