Importance of Punctuality Essay

  • Importance Of Punctuality And Responsibility

    Punctuality and responsibility are two very important character traits that will help you strive in not only your Army career but also in life. In this short essay I will describe both traits and their respective importance. First to be covered in this short essay is responsibility, or being responsible and its importance to your career. The most relevant definition of being responsible, in the sense of this essay, is as follows: “able to answer for one's conduct and obligations”, this definition is from Merriam Webster’s dictionary. The importance of this is that you need to be able to answer for how you act or behave and also need to have an account of your obligations. The conduct in question is my being late to Physical Training and the…

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  • The Importance Of Poor Punctuality

    Poor Punctuality Being on time is a good thing. Whether it is getting up or completing an assignment before it is due. The sad part of it is I think it is pretty common to have poor punctuality. In fact, most people I know do not really make it a habit to complete and do everything on time. Punctuality is an undervalued characteristic of our society. In my academic and sports life, completing assignments late is very frowned upon. In most of my classes if I turn in an assignment even an hour…

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  • Importance Of Being On Time

    The military is temporary for some and a lengthy career for others. All facts considered, you cannot buy any time you have in the military back as it often in all its importance helps create the soldier and the you outside of the uniform. Being on time is a start to all of these morals and conducts. As a soldier or civilian you can accomplish nothing if you are not there to do so. Disciplining yourself well allow you to create that drive to be accomplished in your life and be a successful…

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  • Narcotics Anonymous Meeting Report

    desire, and willingness in the faces of members. Instilling hope into one member triggers a domino effect to other members. Everyone sharing his or her stories was applauded for their openness and support. At the end of the meeting, I had a glimmer of hope for all the individuals who attended the meeting that night to stay clean. Attendance and punctuality are two essential parts of an NA meeting. Group leaders and members all encourage each other to keep attending and being punctual. During…

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  • The Importance Of Family Traditions

    My parents come from two significantly different backgrounds. My mother hailed from the slopes of rural Switzerland while my father was a military child growing up in a multitude of places, but mainly, from the East coast. My parents tried to pass on elements of their childhood traditions onto my sister and I. This created a very unique new family tradition which mainly emphasized values of punctuality, the appreciation of nature, and the importance of democracy. One of the major three…

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  • Importance Of Skills For Interview

    free for all students and alumni. Moving back to Nigeria have been fortunate enough to get a job in my field (Human Resources) and I have noticed that graduates are lacking such facilities. I have observed that not many institutions in my home country have these services readily available for students. Graduates don’t know how to effectively prepare themselves for the workforce. Some students don’t know how to properly prepare their CV’s, dress for interviews or generally carry themselves in a…

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  • The Importance Of An Estj Personality

    makes their leadership within an organization extremely useful (Portrait of an ESTJ, n.d.). Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men” (ESV). This verse relates to the difference between working for one self as opposed to working for the Lord, which in turn will bring much more prosperity and fruitfulness. However, while the outgoingness of an extroverted leader is typically a positive thing, it is not always the best option. “even though there are…

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  • Germany Essay: The Federal Republic Of Germany

    In German culture they pride themselves on being organized in their business and personal lives. Germany is also a Reserved Culture, so Germans are more comfortable with silences and minimal overlapping conversations. Germans like to keep their work and personal lives are separate from each other, so if you are invited to a dinner at a colleague’s house, leave the work for the office. When you do arrive at someone’s house bring a little gift such as flower or chocolate, and expect the gifts to…

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  • Importance Of Being Nervous In Nursing

    Punctuality is a form of non-verbal communication that affects an individual just as much as it affects the workplace. Furthermore, punctuality also communicates the dedication, interest, and capability you have toward work or work related activities. In addition, arriving on time projects a sense of professionalism and commitment within the working environment. For instance, being punctual to meetings or events proves that you are a reliable and trustworthy person. Another significant benefit…

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  • The 6 Cs Of Health Care

    studiest the 6 Cs of health care and would apply these in my practice working along side health care proffesionals. I also have the customer services background so know how to communicate effectively with colleges and patients as well as stock control. I have experience with answering telephones, customer servies, filing databases, data entry, dealing with complaints and reports and spreadsheets. I have advanced knowledge of cumputers. Excelled in role requiring the ability to handle a variety…

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