Wilde And Oliver Parker's The Importance Of Being Earnest

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Essay 3
When creating a film adaptation of a play, one must confront the various requirements of a new industry. For longer plays one may have to trim dialogue or may have to edit the text to make it more digestible to a more modern audience. Similarly, another aspect would be the director who is essentially a random variable as they all vary from person to person. Directors often face a dilemma while trying decide if they will try to make their work distinct or make few changes to stay true to the original piece. If a film has few changes made to it from its original text then it can be considered close to the original text, yet if there are many changes than it may just be based loosely on the original. Oliver Parker’s film adaptation of The Importance of Being Earnest is one which would be considered a loose interpretation of the original text due to its changes in the sequence of events, condensation of dialogue and exclusion of certain conversations in order to fit Parker’s vision and the constraints of a film.
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However, even if it is the most faithful film, that doesn’t mean that it truly does the play justice and this can be seen in the introductions of both. The play begins in the morning-room of Algernon’s flat. Algernon’s room is “luxuriously and artistically furnished” and Algernon is playing piano from the other room. In comparison, the film begins with Algernon sitting at a piano and is interrupted by Lane who informs him of something. This is relevant because the exchange between Lane and Algernon is the same but the time, place, and how Algernon meets Jack is completely different. In the text, the exchange is as so in Algernon’s

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