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  • Good Country People Summary

    Reading question on "Good Country People" by Flannery O 'Connor 1) In the Good Country People’s short story, Joy-Hulga is also a college educated person, but the bad is she has a bad view about Christian religious faith. She thinks the Christian religious faith is a fairly common view. The Christian religious faith needs a strong btrust about the concepts like a divine is walking the earth in a human form, rebirth from the dead and virgin birth. People that have an intelligent mind in education will face a difficulty to rational it. 2) Based on her belief, she refuses the name of Joy as unimportant. Then, she takes the name of Hulga because she has lost believe in spiritualism and substitutes it with an intellectualism. Hulga arranges a plan to demonstrate her intelligence to Mrs. Freeman and Mrs. Hopewell…

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  • Good Country People Hulga Summary

    In the story Good Country people, Hulga, the main protagonist of the story, she is angry, has a degree in philosophy, and has a severed leg and heart problem. Her mother, Mrs. Hopewell is a caring mother and feels like Hulgas conditions are blessings. O’Connor brings in a dark/gothic approach to good country people by having Hulga feel isolated and lonely. Hulga is very vulnerable to the open world and she knows it. Hulga believes in the truth of nothing she is basically an atheist, she carries…

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  • Good People By David Foster Wallace Summary

    Samuel Allen Dr.Suderman ENC 1102 5 Mar. 2016 Good People The essay “Good People” by David Foster Wallace, tells the very intimate troubles of a young couple. The story is told by alternating between the first-person point-of-view of Lane A. Dean, Jr., and limited omniscient point-of-view who knows the thoughts and inner feelings of the couple. Both Lane and Sheri are devout Christians who have grown their relationship in the eyes of God, so they take their religion very seriously. The essay…

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  • Summary Of Hidden Biases Of Good People By Banaji And Greenwald

    Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People, by Banaji and Greenwald, seeks to inform readers about how mindbugs and stereotypes influence people’s behaviors both consciously and unconsciously. The authors discuss multiple well-known scientific studies that were designed to reveal people’s in-group preferences and unconscious biases. By discussing multiple kinds of biases and explaining how they can negatively affect others in many different ways, Banaji and Greenwald open up the discussion…

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  • Flannery O Connor Good Country People Summary

    Flannery O’Connor frequently discusses religion and has said in interviews and personal writing that she sees the world in relation to Christ and His redemption (530). In both “Good Country People” and “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, O’Connor explores ideas about Christianity that suggests not only is she a Christian writer but she has struggled with her faith and delved deep into the theological side of this religion. The violence O’Connor uses in her stories helps show why God is needed in our…

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  • Literary Techniques Used In Elie Wiesel's 'Night'

    Chapter 1 Summary: Their in a small town and people were taken by soldiers Key quotation: “It belonged to everyone since it no longer belonged to anyone” Questions/Reflections: What is a Yellow Star? Why were Jews told to wear them? Why did the storyteller and his family get to stay and everyone else was taken? Chapter 2 Summary: The story teller and his family were taken into a train with the rest of the people and were brought to the first camp that they stay at. Key quotation:…

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  • Elements Of Realism In Red Kayik

    In this novel a three year old boy dies because of manslaughter. A boy named Brady tried to save the life of ,three year old boy, Ben, but he later dies because of manslaughter from Brady’s best friends. Realistic fiction is a story that could really happen, the elements are elements that the story has to be considered realistic fiction. Red Kayak is an example of realistic fiction because of its believable dialogue,credible events, and true-to-life themes. One reason Red Kayak is…

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  • Don T Read With Your Eyes Chapter Analysis

    1. It’s All Political Summary: Literature tends to be written by people interested in the problems of the world, so most works have a political element in them. These ideas can be seen through individualism, power structures, relations among classes, issues of justice and rights, and interactions between the sexes and among various racial and ethnic constituencies. “That was a source of great sorrow to the leaders of the clan” (Achebe 143). As the whites began to invade Umuofia and make changes…

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  • Writing A Book Report Essay

    Students need to always include genre in the book report, because that is an important part of every aspect of a book.(“Writing a Book Report”) There are three effective types of book reports, and those are plot summaries, character analyses, and theme analysis. A plot summary is not just stating the actions, and order of events in a story. A student needs to tell their opinion about the happenings and why that is their opinion. (“Writing a Book Report”) Plenty of examples from the book need…

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  • Because Of Winn Dixie Summary

    Newberry Award Winners: DiCamillo, Kate. Because of Winn-Dixie. Candlewick Press, 2000. Summary: Because of Winn-Dixie is a story of a young girl, Opal, who moved from one small town in Florida to another with her father who was a preacher. Her mother left them when Opal was very young and she struggles with this throughout the book. While in the supermarket, Winn-Dixie, Opal found a dog that was tearing apart the store. She claimed the dog as hers and she and her father took the dog home. She…

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