Women for President Essay

  • The Importance Of Voting For A Woman President

    Woman President In 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment made it clear that no state may deny the right to vote on the bases of sex, (Wilson, Dilulio, & Bose, 2016). Since then the 18-24 year old women voters in America have taking the lead and the men have been out numbered; as far as voting in elections as 55% of the women voted for Obama, whereas only 45% of the men voted him in as our president. Things have changed rapidly since World War II when women it was considered necessary for a woman to step up to the plate and keep America going while their spouse were at war. Although, woman, "have come a long way baby" with being liberated, higher education, etc., - I have to ask, "will a woman president (Hillary Clinton) truly make a difference for women in America?" As it appears, Obama has not made a difference for Blacks since he was elected. During World War II, women moved into the manufacturing plants and performed men 's jobs while the they were at war, during that time frame the term "Rosie the Riveter" was discovered and the Fourteenth Amendment was being scrutinized as it read: which prohibits any state from denying "any person" the "equal protection of the laws". In 1970, the court had to determine whether or not it would bar some, all, or no sexual discrimination, therefore the court had three standards: reasonableness, intermediate scrutiny, and strict scrutiny to contend with. So from here on out, women have taken the lead in voting for the president.…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of President Barak Obama

    discrimination have viewed as different. Americans’ thought that a woman can be president has gradually increased. By Yougov website research, today, 66% of men and 67% of women say the U.S is ready for female president. This is enormous changes by comparison in 2007. In 2007, only over half of Americans said to ready to vote a woman as president. But, now, many Americans think comfortable with the idea between woman and man in the important roles in politics. There is no reason why female…

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  • Sojourner Truth: Do People Look At Gender?

    do not want to have a woman in charge because they feel that a woman cannot handle the pressure that the jobs come along with. This has always been an issue in our country. “The United States of America now ranks ninety-eighth in the world for percentage of women in its national legislature, down from 59th in 1998” according to The Nation. Other countries look at women with a more profession view. They see that women can handle having careers in government. If other countries see this, why…

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  • Superiority Of Men Over Women Essay

    Superiority of Men Over Women A man and women is a figure of a partnership; a partnership that strengthen an individual whereas frequently, men has been leading this partnership and women for most of the supports her partner. For instance, one leader or a king who leads their kingdom to success and prosperity is mostly a man with his wife supporting him. One example that points out that a man leads its kingdom is the Menkaure and Khamerernebty statue; it is a sculpture from Egypt c. 2490-2472…

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  • The Changing Role Of Women In Today's Society

    help women. Having the chance to speak with the next elected president of the United States I would address three main political issues. These issues are the right of abortion , the growing gender gap , and how women are portrayed in media. Abortion has been a main topic for many years. Being Pro-choice I would suggest to the president that abortion continue to exist as an option for women in today’s society. As a female I do not support abortion, but I do think the choice should stay.…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of President Trump

    November 8th, 2016, a new president is being elected by the people of America. At this time many people question, “Which candidate will make a more effective president?” Every four years a new president is elected. We have had up to 44 people serve as the POTUS. Many of the presidents range from different beliefs, race, and party. Our first president was George Washington and our current is Barack Obama. A president is someone who is at least 35 years old, a natural-born citizen, and lived in…

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  • Importance Of President Hillary Clinton

    health. Certainly, the American citizens demanded a president that would come up with real and long-lasting solutions that would improve the economy, as well as create more job opportunities. As a female president, Hillary Clinton would have represented equality for all and other progressive agendas for the minority globally. Rising from the business world, Donald trump has been a force to reckon with in the business world (Featherstone 41). However, since the time Bill Clinton assumed the…

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  • Stereotypes And Representations Of African American Women In Scandal

    person. Stereotypes can be both negative and positive. However, in the media, they use stereotypes to misrepresent, but are highly accepted among people in society. Although Scandal is a high-rating television show many people love, it portrays African American women in a negative light. This essay is not meant to downplay African American screenwriter Shonda Rhimes, but it is meant to focus on the character Kerry Washington plays, comprehend the character, and to see if it reinforces the image…

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  • The Success Of Hillary Clinton And Carly Clinton

    the university of Grenoble, but unfortunately her mother was killed during an assassination attempt on her father, who was the current president of South Korea, age twenty-two she was regarded as First Lady. Five years after her mother’s murder, her father was also assassinated. Suffering such tremendous tragedy did not make her weak, instead she became stronger and decided to emulate her father’s success, ardently creating a safe and united society and a new era of hope and happiness, becoming…

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  • Modern Feminism In Arthur Millers, The Crucible

    advocacy of women 's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. In The Crucible you can see that there is a bias towards women, because they are the ones who are claimed to be “witches” and are burned, and humiliated. In today 's world you can see that women are becoming more and more capable of doing a man’s job. Mrs. Hillary Clinton is currently the top candidate for the Democratic party. According to Huffington Post.com, Hilary is in the lead for the…

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