All In The Family Analysis

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Our country’s ideology and opinions on a woman’s stature, fortune and overall place in this world has come a very long way in terms of fairness and equality. From being treated as property (as an entire gender) and being deprived normal human rights such as participating in elections and even household decisions, to having women being able to be the sole bread winner of a household and even having a woman as a candidate to be the president of an entire nation! Then again, women are still being treated as if we have done something wrong. For some of us, having a normal and happy life is a distant dream. For some women, judgment from strangers, friends, co-workers and, most often family comes far too often and unfairly. Where men are treated …show more content…
Countless popular television shows have portrayed the man as the main character and the woman as the supporting character. The broadcast stations try to adhere to the “everyday” American life. Looking back at older television shows, the sexism is awfully clear. With shows like “The Honeymooners” and “All in the Family”, the machoism is prominent and the femininity is brought to a low respect level. In more recent shows, however, the woman plays a bigger part in their families’ well-being. In both stretches of television time, the wife or female character can be seen fixing the man’s mistake with him having absolutely no idea and him continuing to have his overtly “correct” thinking. He is none the wiser and will always think the world will fix his problems simply because he is The Man. If the girl had only let it be known to him the power she had, he might have a bit more respect for her. This type of programming can easily induce a small girls mind with the idea that she must fix her man’s problems simply to stroke his ego. All the while, the boy watching the same show will know that his mistakes will always be overlooked and taken care of for him. The amount of respect shown for the prominent male figures in television easily overshadows the care given to his female …show more content…
A lot of men now-a-days cannot openly express themselves without seeming like less of a man. The idea for boys is to become a “real-man”. They can become a “real man” in a multitude of ways, but with a set of rules set before them of course. Some of these rules are written in “Bros before Hos: The Guy Code” by Michael Kimmel. A few are as follows: “1. “Boys don’t Cry” 2. “It’s better to be mad than sad” 3. “Don’t get mad, get even” (Kimmel 540)” Men are tried and judged by other men as well as women. Women are taught to look for a man with money, respect and power, that way she can inherit his riches with marriage should he choose to propose such an opportunity. “Other guys constantly watch how well we perform. Our peers are a kind of “gender police,” always waiting for us to screw up so they can give us a ticket for crossing the well-drawn boundaries of manhood. (Kimmel

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