Why Is Same Sex Marriage Be Legalized?

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Homosexuality is not new to the United States and neither is the idea of same sex

marriage. Social rights and movements have always been a problem in the United States and has

always been what has defined it. Same sex marriage has been one those social issues that has

been of hot debate for quite some time and has heated up in recent years and split the country.

Though same sex marriage is still not legal under federal law in the United States even though in

many similarly advanced counties it is. The question then becomes why is same-sex marriage not

legally recognized in the United States? Marriage is a basic human right for every individual and

should be made legal in the United States.

When looking at same sex marriage it
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The legalization of same sex or gay marriage is a controversial topic within the United

States due to many divided beliefs among Americans. To some this is an issue of morality; to

others it is a religious issue. This is made evident in the Baehr v. Miike case in 1993 where the

Hawaiian Supreme Court ruled that the restriction of marriage whether heterosexual or

homosexual was unconstitutional. They found that the refusal of marriage licenses

discriminatory. Though in response to that ruling and the huge denial people had of same sex

marriages at the time in the United States, “The Defense of Marriage Act “ was created. In 1996

the act made it so that marriage was defined as a union between a man and woman. The act also

made it so that a state would not be required to recognize same sex marriage licensee from

another state. It has been since then that many states have created and defined marriage

differently from state to state.

Every community, culture, and society all have different ways they express themselves,

they all have ways that identify themselves make themselves unique. One reason many

Americans find homosexuality and same sex marriage controversial according to Mugambi

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