Importance of ICT in Schools Essay

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  • ICT In Chemistry Essay

    USING ICT IN CHEMISTRY EDUCATION LOKENDRA KUMAR OJHA Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, Punjab Abstract There are several topics in chemistry which required computational technique to learn and use of ICT enhance learning capacity of learner as well as facilitator. The present article deals with the use of ICT in some of the topic of chemistry. We tried to overcome from routine chalk and talk method to understand the several topic viz. stereochemistries, IUPAC naming and other organic chemistry topics. All though chalk and talk method has gain attention of the students but it has been found that using ICT to teach such topic of chemistry helps teacher to overcome from class room difficulty like presenting 3…

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  • The Importance Of ICT Literacy

    To gain a deeper understanding on what ICT literacy is, or what standards are included on being ICT literate, one must first define the two words which constitute the term. ICT is the technologies that aid the collection, processing or the circulation of information or data. Meanwhile, literacy is the ability to classify, comprehend, interpret, construct, communicate, compute and use written and printed materials connected with different contexts. Literacy requires continuous learning to allow…

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  • The Importance Of Technology In Social Media

    ICTs include a broad extent of technologies in the advanced era. ICTs are relevant to technological devices and materials that are engaged to communication, creation, dissemination and management information (Nordin, Embi & Yunus, 2010; Thierer, 2000). These technological tools and resources cover radio, television, computer, Internet, social networks and etc. In the former decade, enhancing of the practicality of teaching and learning in all levels and in both academic and non-academic contexts…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet In The Classroom

    is considered to be a ‘long-term WebQuest,’ meaning it allows the students to interact with the material for an appropriate length of time in order to produce a product at the end of it (Russel et al., 2008). Breakfast Mission encourages the students to compare, classify, list, induce, deduce and analyse errors and perspectives of breakfast in order to promoted nutrition and food safety to their school community: (Dodge, 2008) this is evident in the Process and Role section of the webquest.…

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  • Lighthouse Mystery Ebook Analysis

    created with Book Creator and as such provides a point of reference, Easton (2011) supports the use of exemplars, stating that they assist children to produce quality writing. Caldwell and Bird (2015) and Ferdig and Pytash (2014) extoll the virtues of Book Creator, suggesting the alternative writing format is a motivating factor for children. Hicks and Turner (2013) assert the importance of providing opportunities to present information in a range of ways, using the Book Creator App will provide…

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  • The Importance Of Facebook For Eaf Students

    To get the purpose of the investigation, 30 teachers were chosen and a research tool, an interview protocol was used to interview teachers. The results of the interviews indicated that the trainees were absolutely pleasant with the survival of e-Hear Me platform as an instrument that proposes e-ICT courses specially expanded for the deaf learners. The present teachers also declared that they could share and interchange ideas with their students and other teachers. Similarly, in the next study,…

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  • The New National Curriculum

    level of understanding Gibb (2015, p. 1) England’s Minster of Schools declared the necessity that the New National Curriculum for Mathematics “reflects the mastery approach”. This essay aims to explore the mathematical pedagogies teachers adopt to meet the ‘mastery’ aims of the new National Curriculum for Mathematics. Secondly, the essay will explore closely the benefits and limitations of talk as a pedagogical approach to develop a child’s conceptual understanding in…

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  • Dental Aesthetics

    With increase in aging population along with growing demand of developed healthcare system, information and communication Technologies (ICT) were introduced to accommodate the challenges of the welfare of individuals and public healthcare. ICT have been an essential part of current health care system in improving healthcare for individuals and communities by helping to gather historical data, enhance communication apparatus, and conduct research and evaluations.1 This innovation to provide…

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  • Becoming A Student Teacher: Module Analysis

    a student teacher’ three aspects were covered in the five weeks; ‘Life Skills’, ‘ICT’ and ‘Academic Writing’. In Life Skills the learning experiences were on ‘Self-identity, Transitions and Relationships’, ‘Effective Communication and Assertiveness Skills’, ‘Decision Making’, ‘Motivation regarding Study’ and ‘Stress Management’. I found the section on ‘Self-identity, Transitions and Relationships’ to be very insightful and helpful as it was highly relative to our lives because we were in the…

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  • What Is The Purpose Of The Classroom

    Know the content and how to teach it: In my most recent practicum, I was placed in a school that had a comforting atmosphere to have the opportunity to learn. The culture and diversity in the school had made my experience more appreciating. It was situated in an environment where many of its students had come from non-English speaking backgrounds. Students are offered and provided with a wide range of learning opportunities like the operation of Greek, Macedonian and Italian bilingual programs…

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