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  • Robert Rodriguez's Some Inventions Stick Others Roll

    Some Inventions Stick Others Roll Robert Rodriguez’s “Marketing New Inventions” is an essay about inventions not going the way people envisioned. The first example Rodriguez gives is the mother and daughter Fresno duo, who were the first to invent the hide-and-seek Hayley doll, a product that made itself known on many nations’ largest toy stores. However, hide-and-seek Hayley became obsolete once Care Bear came out with their version of the hide-and-seek toy. Getting idea’s stolen is common according to Rodriguez: “Inventors say they never rest easy” (549) and competitors are always trying to take another’s idea and tweak it to make it better. Moreover, in the invention field, patents never fully protect inventors from copycats, which teaches inventors hard lessons. Rodriguez relates how Mark Summers said, “bringing an idea to the marketplace can be daunting for inventors who lack the experience and knowledge” (550). With that in mind, he decided not to compete head-to-head with larger companies, but approached the number two player in the market, which helped him receive a buyer. Although, many inventions have been made, but the most useful invention is the wheel has allowed more inventions to prosper, improved transportation and agricultural.…

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  • Sumerians Inventions

    Sumerians made many inventions, like the wheel, the chariot, mathematics, and the first written language. First off is the wheel. According to, it says, “The first wheel was believed to exist around 3,500 BC in Mesopotamia.” Arguably, the oldest wheel ever found was discovered in Ljubljana, and dates 5,150 years back. The first wheel was created as a potter’s wheel and later on it was irrigation, milling, and finally used for transport for rich people. Next up is the…

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  • Essay On The Importance Of Water During The Industrial Revolution

    resource. Water is one of the easiest resources to find which made it incredibly efficient to use (Air, Water, and Energy). Water was a key factor in the Industrial Revolution because of the use of the water wheel, the spinning jenny, and harbors. Water was the main component for one of the largest sources of power during the Industrial Revolution, the water wheel. Water wheels were used to obtain energy in an easy and efficient way. Water wheels were typically made of iron (first made of wood)…

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  • What Is The History Of Roller Skates

    Roller skates first came into American history when James Plimpton, an inventor, found a more usual way to design on land skates. After roller skates had been made more functional The Coliseum in Chicago had opened a public skating rink. After that Madison Square Garden had become a skating rink. Hundreds of rink openings followed. The roller skates had been made for the rich only. During the golden age of roller skating, 1920’s- 1950’s, the roller rinks were segregated. Then the roller derby…

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  • The Importance Of The Kinetoscope

    When we discussed the Kinetoscope in class last Thursday, I was intrigued by the design of this invention, but could not fully make sense of how it functions just by looking at pictures of it. An interior view of the Kinetoscope shows film wrapped around a number of wheels below an eyepiece, leading through another series of wheels that create vertical parallel rows of film, and running back towards the eyepiece. Although the film appears to pass beneath the eyepiece located at the crown of the…

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  • Industrial Revolution: The New Age Of Inventions

    The new age of inventions that started the industrial revolution were monstrous machines that would impact the way of living. The spinning Jenny was a major machine at the time as it was a textile machine that would weave thread in less time then it took a person to do individually, the invention practically stated the industrial revolution as it began the start of mass production. Although the spinning jenny was a brilliant piece of machinery it could be upgraded and made better, the spinning…

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  • Sumesian Civilization Research Paper

    when the river overflowed. To eliminate this problem, the Sumerians invented a variety of irrigation systems, such as dams, canals, and levees. These ancient solutions are still in use today, many of which are well-known, such as the Grand Coulee Dam, the Panama Canal, and the Missisippi River Levee System. Another important characteristic of civilization is technology, as in inventions, not digital technology. The Sumerians invented many things, most of which are still used today. One important…

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  • Disabilities Inventions To Play Sports

    BOOM! CRASH! oh no I think my legs are paralyzed ! I will not be able to play sports anymore! Actually, you can, due to all of the new wheelchair inventions we have enabled physically chal l enged athletes to play sports. There are all kinds of different wheelchairs for differe n t sports including: football, tennis, basketball, hockey, rugby, and more! These wheelchairs also allow disabled athletes to play in tournaments like the Olympics! All of this is possible because the sports…

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  • What Were The Positive Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

    there were many advances in England causing it to be the first nation to industrialize, because of the advances there were inventions that turned the domestic system into a factory system, which had faster production of goods, that led to the Industrial Revolution this will have a positive and negative impact on the lives of the people in England. The Industrial Revolution started off in England because of the natural resources, geography and more, and with having these there…

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  • Life Before Steam Engine

    Task: Steam engine What was life like before the invention? Life was very different before the steam engine was invented. Before the invention people used three ways to get power: wind, animals and water. Wind powered propellers were used to get power, but it wasn’t really effective if it wasn’t on a flat plain. Animals were effective for minor things such as using two horses to move a wagon somewhere, but If you needed two hundred horses to turn the machinery in a factory, then that would be…

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