Importance of Learning a Foreign Language Essay

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  • The Importance Of Motivation In Learning A Foreign Language

    Although scholars rarely agree on a number of aspects in SLA studies, nobody has neglected the role motivation plays in learning a language other than the primary one. Quoting the research done by Dörnyei & Csizér (1998), Wlodkowski (1999) and Cheng & Dörnyei (2007) among others, Moskovsky (2012) claims that it has been a common agreement that motivated learners would always perform significantly better than unmotivated ones. With motivation students end up influencing, to a considerable extent, their self-confidence, aptitude, learning strategies and learning anxiety – the aspects crucial for learning a foreign language. Motivation, when related to learning another language, is guided by a number of factors. Bernard (2010) suggests that in…

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  • Bilingual Argumentative Essay

    the topic of foreign language being taught at an early age to children beginning at the first school year of their elementary experience, most of us would readily agree that it shouldn’t be taught at an early age because, it prevents children from achieving more in their academic life. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of what are the benefits of teaching children a foreign language. Whereas some are convinced that a children’s brain can absorb a significant amount…

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  • What Are The Benefits Of Knowing A Foreign Language In The Economy

    knowing a foreign language are undeniable in the current U.S. economy. In this article, the author successfully points out the national needs in foreign language and international studies. In addition, she uses analytical data to show how important it is to implement these skills in the U.S higher education. In term of explaining the importance of knowing a foreign language in current U.S. economy, the article is not very useful since the main purpose of the article was to encourage the…

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  • Benefits Of Foreign Language Essay

    Learning a foreign can surely prove beneficial for future career, and avoiding prejudice ideas towards other cultures. As a student, I studied English, a foreign language for me, for nearly 10 years, and it proved useful. With English, I made several new friends from various areas around the world, and increases the chances of entering an American college. To prove the importance of foreign languages, I created an online survey consisting of seven multiple choice questions and asked various…

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  • Second Language Learning In Schools

    January 2016 Spoken Success Foreign language learning has played a crucial role in the acceptance guidelines incorporated by colleges all over the United States. Generally, selective schools require at least two to three years of a foreign language in order to be accepted, and the other schools recommend, or highly recommend the same (Petersons: College Admission Requirements). These requirements are absolutely beneficial as new generations develop, and hopefully will be implemented all over the…

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  • Spanish Research Paper

    of the trip. When I was on that trip, I realized that only knowing 3-4 years of Spanish doesn't get you very far. The whole time when I was in Spain, I only knew 4 or 5 words throughout a whole 10-20 minute conversation. It was hard to understand what the students were learning in the Spain schools because I only knew a few words. The problem is that we should do something about teaching Spanish while the kids are in…

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  • The Importance Of Language Environment In Language Learning

    make students learn a kind of language, the thing we can do is to create a proper language learning environment, which proved the importance of language environment in language teaching. With the globalization of economy and the frequency of communication, our country and society had the higher requirement for the use of English. However, at present, the situation that students can’t speak English is very general, for example, the dumb English. Most students can understand a sentence even the…

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  • English As A Second Language Advantages

    States and spoken widely throughout the world, it is by no means the most prominent language globally. If a student wishes to travel or do business internationally, it is crucial that they have a foundational understanding of other languages. Additionally, the study of foreign languages can enlighten a student into the culture of other nations. It would be ultimately beneficial for all American students to learn a foreign language as part of their required curriculum. There is much ado in…

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  • Multilingual Language Importance

    The benefits of multilingual language competency have an important influence on different spheres of life on personal, social and professional levels. Knowledge of foreign languages are beneficial every day, either you are communicating with foreign people for personal matters or dealing with professional business at work. Furthermore, multilingualism broadens career perspectives. Nevertheless, the main problem seems to be that people are unable to comprehend these facts, which shows the…

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  • Cultural Differences In China

    funerals when one’s family member or relative is dead. White in China, is associated with “pale, weak and without vitality”. Thus, learning a language implies not only the knowledge of its grammar rules and the denotative meanings of words but it involves much more, such as the culture phenomena, the way of life, habits and customs, history and everything that is contained of culture. In a word, culture is a comprehensive composite with abundant implication, and each factor in it may be…

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